How possible is it to become a black (or foreign) Kpop idol?

Becoming a kpop idol has rapidly become a huge deal among most young kpop fans from around the world. As a result of this, questions keep popping out in forums from all over as young aspirants constantly search the internet for the littlest bit of light at the end of the tunnel to give them hope that their absurd dream is feasible.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but chances are you are currently reading this blog post because

  1. You were just curious to see what my new post was about. Or
  2. You are looking for some confirming hope just like I had suggested earlier.

I have been meaning to write about a topic like this for a while now, but I’ve been putting it off for reasons I too am yet to figure out. Nevertheless, today I’ll be talking kpop, and how possible is it for a foreigner to actually break into the industry.

I love kpop too, I love the sound, the language, and the music style, which is unique, even though it had taken a lot of its foundation from Western and Japanese music.

I’m not really much of the classic fan type in general. Somehow, I’m able to separate the artist from their work, I pretty much just see them for who they are, and that is people, with every single characteristics which makes a person just another human.

This is why I can be interested or in love with a person’s work, but not so much of the person as an individual, at most I respect them.

This habit of mine cuts across all genres and industries.

In the Korean pop music industry, there are bands whose work I love for various reasons,

I think Exo still remains my all-time favorite, I love their music, choreographies, and vocals most especially.


More recent bands for me are Seventeen, Ikon, and NCT. To be honest, even though I know BTS has existed for a while now, their music has only recently started growing on me, thanks to dynamite and some of RM’s 2015 mixtapes, “joke”, and “do you”. Listening to these made me go back to their previous works and actually try to listen to them. As a result of this, BTS has now made its way to the list of bands I respect.


For female groups, it’s currently just Red velvet, and Mamamoo, especially for their vocals and image. I heard a couple of songs from 3ye and Weki Meki, and I think they are also cool too.

How to succeed as a black kpop idol
Red Velvet

Nevertheless, when we are talking about the all-time female Korean pop artist I utterly respect and are humbled in front of, IU takes it all home, without any competition!

So back to the topic,

Is it possible to become a foreign/black kpop idol?

I’m going to try to be as objective as possible here, as a lot of the replies I see people getting from online contributors in forums tends to be overly subjective and emotionally backed.

Point blank, becoming a kpop idol as a foreigner will not be easy by the slightest bit, this is not because Koreans are “racist purists” as I had made a point of in my previous posts How the first black kpop artist failed in Korea and what you can learn from it.

As the younger generation (gen Zs and millennials) grows and with the rapid globalization, this dismantling of racial barriers would become even more so, this would happen not just in Korea, but also on a global level. I mean, if you don’t see BTS, a South Korean boy band which sings 90% of its songs in Korean making a big splash in the west, middle east, and even Africa, as a sign of impending globalism and an acceptance of diversity, I really do not know what else could convince you.

How to become a foreign kpop idol
Chung ha

Becoming a foreign pop artist would be hard, not just because of social resistance par sé, but because of South Korea’s society’s core values and beliefs, as well as your delusional thinking and the social norms you’ve been brought up with in your own native country.

If we are all honest with ourselves, we would admit that 80% of all foreign kpop idol aspirants want to be so out of an obsession with the exotic and a very dangerous “the grass is always greener on the other side” mental approach to life.

As with every other thing in life, our fantasies of what could or should be would be the very thing that ruins us.

*fair use

The purpose of this blog post is to not just serve as a confirmation to the inevitable, but also as an eye-opening food for thought that should make you question your motives, your abilities, your dreams of what you think life would look like for you as an idol, and just life in general.

You should benefit from this even though you do not plan on taking the public route.

Before you jump on the kpop bandwagon and start auditioning to companies, there are possible pitfalls you will need to avoid if you plan on going down this path, as well as certain viewpoints of yourself and the society in general that you may need to revisit if you do not want to dig your own grave.

In this post, I will be dismantling common viewpoints foreign aspirants tend to have of themselves and about Korea and it’s pop society.

The common pitfalls of the “foreign kpop idol” trope

There are reasons why I said being a foreign idol would be hard, some of the basic reasons builds on people’s naivete and lack of research. Now, I am no social expert, neither am I an exclusive insider to the industry, some of my points are just universal common sense, nevertheless since most of the readers of this post would most likely be hot-blooded teens, there Is a good chance of them omitting all the critical details to suit the narrative they want to believe as they get distracted by all the glittering lights and idols.

How to debut as a foreign kpop idol
Red Velvet

But here’s the thing honey,

You are NOT going to be successful because you “stand out”

You’d be surprised how many people think that the moment they step off the Incheon airport every single Korean would be in awe by them and want to take pictures with them because they look so exotic and different from all the “single-faced” Koreans.

You are not going to get magically scouted off the streets, neither are you going to magically get modeling or tv show offers.

Not to say such scenarios aren’t possible, but the chances of that happening on its own are one in a billion. Which brings me to my next point,

You are NOT special, neither do you have the “golden touch”

Just because you could do a few moves, and hit a couple of notes here and there, even if it’s just in your head, and it “feels right”, doesn’t mean that people would be clamoring to have you at their agency.

Like I said before, remember that an agency is also a business, and what do businesses want? Growth, money, and success. You are not just going to be an idol, you are going to be a business, an investment.

You are an independent contractor (an entrepreneur) and your product is your face, your talents, professional skills, and a possible image that SELLS.

Before an agency sees you as a person, they see as an investment.

No business would want to throw their hard-earned limited cash on a venture they think has no future, or on a product that has no market.

This is not to say that as a non Korean, you have no chance in the Korean music business, the world is changing and integrating at a rapidly fast pace, agencies are aware of this, and so are becoming more innovative and inclusive.

Nevertheless, being talented or/and pretty is not enough to get you anyway in the long run. They are a lot of talented and beautiful Korean idols who disappear in less than a year, there are a lot of talented rookies and trainees who never get recognized.

This is why,

Debuting in a group will NOT guarantee you success

A lot of people think that the moment they début, then it’ll just be a smooth sail to the end, but honey, your problems are just beginning.

What’s even baffling, is that a lot of foreign aspirants have this delusional thought of being the most famous, the most sort after, the most favoured of the group they are in because well, they are foreign and exotic, and so everyone should be nice to them and give them stuff on a golden platter.

Everyone wants to be the group leader, main dancer, rapper, vocals, and even visuals. They want to be the most successful and most popular out of the group, they want to be the “golden maknae”, in summary they want a kind of “Suzy and friends” scenario, even if it’s supposed to be an integrated group of equals.

Tips to become a foreign kpop idol

But here’s the thing love, while you came into the group wanting all these good stuff for yourself, so did every other member. And what happens when a group of people have conflicting interests and their own sinister agendas for domination? There would be back biting, sabotage, gossips, quarrels, and sinister gang ups and betrayals, God help you if you are at the receiving end of it all. It’ll far from the sisterhood you had envisioned.

To add some more salt to the wound, there is also a very good tendency of you becoming bitter and hateful when your secret desire to play the role of the favored golden child gets given to another person.

Hatred, envy, a feeling of being inadequate, robbed from, and overlooked would be the very demon that would make your life a living hell, seeping out whatever good or fortune you already have at your disposal.

depression would be your soulmate

speaking of soulmates,

You are NOT going to marry or date the oppa, neither are you going to be best friends with your favorite idols

I won’t even bother going in depth into this, but it truly amazes me how a lot of young female kpop aspirants think that once they get off incheon, they will not only get scouted off the streets, and be the golden maknae, but somehow, their favorite Korean popstar would fall in love with them and they would have a steamy dramatic Korean drama sort of romance.

If you secretly desire and believe such things, then you really have no idea of how the world works and the nature of the Korean entertainment culture.

I kind of feel bad for you.

Never take people’s public image as an absolute truth, as a reality, especially in the entertainment industry. It is called an entertainment industry for a reason.

At this point, I hope your illusions have been shattered,

At this point I hope I have filtered out the real go getters from the delusional wannabes

If you are still willing to continue down this road with me, let me tell what you really need to prepare for, what you really need to have under your arsenal if you are ever going to have any kind success in this industry, because success IS possible.

If you have been paying attention to the streets, you would know it will only be a matter time before a non Asian breaks the industry, we don’t know who it is yet, but it just might be you.

Head on to the next page when you’re ready!

The Korean S-bodyline diet for people with stubborn lower body fat!

When it comes to achieving that coveted “body goal“, the lower body always proves to be the area of the greatest challenge for most people, most especially when you are still far from hitting menopause. During this period, your lower body, that is, the thighs and butt, is your body’s primary place for fat storage.


Today, I will be making yet another sequel post after reading one of my antisocial tomato reader’s comments on How to get the Korean S bodyline. I decided I needed to make a follow-up post to customize what had been said to a much specific group of people with a similar problem.

To be honest, coming up with the content for this post was rather exciting for me as I do face similar challenges when it comes to losing lower body fat. Over the past year, I had gone through a decent amount of trial and error phases, which is why I think it’s safe to say that I am now somewhat of a master at this field of knowledge, mastering not only the science behind lower body weight gain, but also the right mindset and approach needed to tackle this case.


Key culprits to lower body weight gain

While the most obvious factor responsible for more fat deposits in this area of the body is clearly hormones, more specifically, estrogen and then genetics. There are still other potent (if not equally potent) factors that can cause you to be “bigger” around that region. This could include,

A Sugar/high carb diet

In my opinion, this is practically the biggest culprit to excess lower body fat! In my previous blog post, how fat enters and leaves the body, I shed a little bit of light on the detriments of a carb-loaded diet on women, especially those who are more carb sensitive, with the mesomorph body type being the classic model.

When it comes to weight gain, depending on your level of tolerance, carbohydrates acts as a gaslight. The higher the glycemic index of it, the more fuel power you’ve got, even if you are on a caloric deficit! It’ll scare you to know that fat cells, just like cancer cells, operate independently on their own to the rest of the body.


Why the calorie in, calorie out idea does not work especially in the long run, is primarily as a result of a little hormone called insulin. Insulin on its part does not care much about how much energy comes into the body in the form of food, all it cares about is the amount of sugar/glucose present in the bloodstream. So the moment a well enough spike occurs, it will signal to the fat cells, “store up we’ve got plenty!”

Mesomorphs are mesomorphs because they are more insulin resistant.

A diet high in sodium

While sodium (salt) may not cause fat gains, it does increase your body’s level of water retention, and it’s not in a good way!

Sodium acts like a sponge in the body, soaking up moisture from your body, which also causes you to thirst more, I mean, why won’t you? You’re dehydrated!

With more water being retained, obviously, the aftermath would be a lager looking body. I often like to assert that “people are not as fat as they think”, and this very much applies to this circumstance!

An overly developed thigh muscles

Not too long ago, I made a post on who shouldn’t be doing certain exercises if they want slimmer thighs, one of the major issues, however, least talked about is an overly muscular lower body, which is more prevalent on people who are into high-intensity sports that require brief yet powerful movement such as power gymnastics, fencing, etc. Going too hard on the weights for an extended period of time also produces similar results with bodybuilders being an extreme case.

I made a post on how to tackle the issue of excess bulking in a previous post, so you can go check it out.

Keys to getting rid of lower body fat on thighs

Summing it up in an overly simplified manner; you need to do the opposite of factors that had caused the problem in the first place to fix the problem!

Nevertheless, I’d break it down a bit. This is what I had done to cut down the amount of fat I had accumulated from bad diet choices and a poor lifestyle.

  • I cut down the amount of carbohydrates I ate from God-knows-what-grams to 50grams per day and below. I do not recommend the keto diet as it is too restrictive and you would also be cutting out a host of other essential nutrients by such dietary restrictions.
  • since practically every food you eat would cause some level of insulin spikes, I adopted an 18/6 intermittent fasting style. Doing this would speed up progress exponentially.
  • You should keep a very close eye on your sodium intake especially when you consume any food or condiments made in a factory. Sprinkling extra salt on your food should also be a habit that should either be controlled or stopped completely. Your blood pressure will thank you for that!
  • depending on your body type, the kind of work out you should be doing should be tailored carefully to how your body will likely respond to it. This should be ever so critical for people who have a very high susceptibility to bulking up muscles because of the high level of HGH (human growth hormone) they naturally produce or inject.
  • I also found out that jump roping helps tremendously with trimming down the lower body, you could turn it into a fun game, seeing how far you can go in each stretch without stripping on the ropes.
  • Last but not least, you should also learn to give yourself and body a little bit of break, fat loss takes time, so when you’re working out and building muscles in the process, you may look ‘bigger’ but that okay, you shouldn’t give up at the first sign of an increased measurement.
This should sum up my point

Now to round up this post with some super awkward before and after pics of me after 1 week of keeping to this advice



Since this is still an ongoing project at the moment, I’ll be uploading the final results by the end of the month.


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Blackpink’s Lisa edition; cringy kpop fans’ photoshops

When I was gathering the necessary information for my previous post, I came across some really, REALLY, disturbing photoshopped pictures of her (Lisa) made by thirsty fans, and without a doubt,

This has to be said!

Now, we all love Lisa Monobam, the Thai Kpop sensation. And with the rise of blackpink on the international entertainment arena, I think since 2015/2016, everyone who knows blackpink, knows Lisa.

Lisa is a combination of talent and great visuals! She oozes out feminine sexuality and the vibes of a queen B.

So because of this, it’s no surprise when people, especially teenagers constantly dream of becoming her, living her life, and identifying with her. It is meant to be that way because that’s the way Kpop was built.

The entire industry runs on manipulating the dreams, hopes and most of all, the insecurities of young naive people. Kpop sells you an imaginary friend if you are a pathetic loner, Kpop sells you an imaginary boyfriend/girlfriend, whichever one rocks your fancy, if you’ve got none.

It makes you dissatisfied with your reality by presenting you with an image of what could be, what should be, what you’re missing out on.

Then it presents itself as a source of pleasure, as a source of escape. For in your imagination, you are totally free, uninhabited, you could be anything you want, without being judged, without consequences. The perfect illusion.

But alas, once we’ve tested pleasure once, we’d want to have it again, back and front, back, and front, then we are obsessed.

This is the reason why we have what the South Koreans call, saesang fans.

But this saesang culture is taking a whole new turn on the internet, as people try their very best to create in actuality through the power of photoshop their rather pervasive desires.

Shipping couples together: how it all began

Two/three year’s back, there were a lot of rumors speculating that Blackpinks’ Lisa and BTS’s Jungkook had a thing going just because they took a picture together.

Let’s face it, Jungkook is really good looking, in my take he has one of the best visuals in the BTS boy band. Plus they had kind of looked good together in the snapshot.

But with the amount of photoshopped pictures out there, I don’t even know which one is authentic or not, but what I do know is that these two people are definitely not In any sort of relationship!


What pisses me off

I get that most celebrities thrive on the larger than life image they have successfully built up in the minds of the masses. But do we all have to be mindless zombies, absorbing everything they throw at us, and then hype it up beyond reasonable proportions?

These people are humans too, no matter how often we tend to forget, or blatantly ignore! They are not objects or cartoon characters in which we could do whatever the hell we want with because they have no mind or emotions of their own!

Do you know how annoying, even frustrating it can be when people ship you with some guy/girl you don’t even have a preference for just because they see you smile or had a brief chat with? It had happened to me too, and I know I’m not alone on this!

Then imagine it being done on a global scale, creating all these pictures, having it go viral? All because people are desperately looking for something to rant about.

I remember when Shawn Mendes had said in a fan interview that he liked the Disney t.v show “the wizard of Waverly Place”, then all of a sudden, fans started to say, Shawn was trying to give Selena Gomez a shout out. I mean come on!

When this happened to me, I had to completely cut contact with the guy I was being shipped with, we were mere acquaintances, but hearing what people started to say about us, it was just disgusting! I had it end it.

People need to learn to keep their fantasies and expectations to themselves.

In the case of Jung kook and Lisa, maybe the photo was mere happenstance or a PR stunt. Irrespective of the story behind the photo, if you do not hear shit from the horses’ mouth, shut your pie hole!

Take this as a life skill and lesson.

Getting fit the Kpop way; the ideal legs!

Here I go with another South Korea inspired post ai?😏

I’ve been having a little bit of writer’s block this past few days, but today I just remembered the images of some of the women in the Kpop music videos I had watched a while back and I remember saying to myself, “damn, those girls got some legs!”

Female kpop idol legs

So today, I decided to write a post on how those girls manage to pull off such an amazing leg visuals.

Kpop idol leg workout

Do you know the Kpop world has an ideal leg measurement that is considered the epitome of camera visual appeal?

This golden leg measurement was made popular by YG entertainment a couple of years back and has since then gotten widespread vogue in the industry.


What is the golden leg measurement?

(in inches) 50-30-20! or 5-3-2

The 5-3-2 measurement

This means the thickest part of your thighs should be measured at 50, the thickest part of your calf’s should be measured at 30, and lastly, the thinnest part of your ankle should be measured at 20.


The 5-3-2 kpop idol leg workout

The workout routine I’m going to be sharing today was made popular by girls generations’ Tiffany Young.

Tiffany young leg workout

Together with South Korean celebrity fitness trainer, they have come up with a highly effective, easy routine you could do while standing.


I think one of the reasons I like this workout is that it can be done without any fancy equipment, it’s convenient to perform, yet none bulking.

The only challenge, however, would be discipline and consistency in getting the work done.🙄

You could do five to ten sets of each exercise, two, maybe three times a day depending on how fast you want to get results. But if you are prone to bulking, like my darling mesomorphs, I’d advise you not to push it too much with the reps in order not to gain unnecessary muscular look to your legs.


So what is the workout routine?


Exercise one: jumping jacks

This helps stimulate the entire lower body, especially the ankles and inner thighs. 4 repetitions equals one set.

Jumping jacks

Exercise two: forward kicks

4 repetition for each leg equals one set

Forward kicks

This exercise stimulates the ankles and the back of your calf

Exercise three: diagonal kicks

4 repetition for each leg equals one set.

Diagonal kicks

This exercise stimulate your pelvis and inner thighs

Exercise four: knee raises

4 repetition for each leg equals one set

Knee raises

To watch the YouTube video for this workout, use the link below

but if you want to stick around and read more blog posts like this on our site, you can start with How to get the Korean S-bodyline. Bless!

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How the first black kpop artist failed in Korea and what you can learn from it

Most people would charge the reason why Alex the first black person, however, biracial to debut into the South Korean pop industry’s failure to the widespread racism among the Korean people towards people of African or even none Korean descent. Nevertheless, while this had played a factor, I would argue that it wasn’t a significant factor, at least not as most people would want to see it.

This is Alexander Reid, a regular girl from Kentucky USA. Two years ago she broke the internet as the first black kpop artist, debuting into the South Korean girl group bp Rania as the group’s rapper and leader. Every black kpop fan leaped for joy when it happened. Finally, she had given hope to little black girls all over the globe who had dreams of being on that stage, looking all glamorous and being cheered on by millions of adoring fans

But then something happened, it was reported that she was leaving the group. A lot of people were astounded, “what went wrong?” “I mean she barely lasted more than a year?”
This gave birth to a hack a lot of speculations, “she was kicked out of the group”, “they tried to abuse her”, ” its because Koreans are racist”I could go on all day, but I won’t.

so what really happened? while no one outside the immediate circle of influence may ever truly know what went down between her and her agency, here is my reason why Alex was never fully accepted by the public. and for such reason, her downfall was hastened. let’s face it, in Korea’s entertainment industry, the public holds the real power, not the idol, nor the agency or its head. they are more of dogs with loud barks and no critical bite. 


now you may not agree with everything I say, but you should know that she is being critiqued by universal social and cultural rules, one not peculiar to the Korean or Asian society. it should also serve as a guideline for anyone who plans on breaking into any social group or culture or society. Sadly enough, Alex was painfully naive as she broke numerous rules and made blunders here and there. So where did she make them?

South Korea’s trainee culture

The trainee phase is just another sleek name for the apprenticeship phase. And what happens during an apprenticeship stage?

A young lad or lass learns about his/her trade, knowing the ins and outs, how things are done and most importantly, acquire the necessary skills needed to advance and conquer in such a field. The average trainee spends about 6 hours a day mastering their skills, six out of seven days a week. It is said that one needs to spend 10000 hours practicing intensely on a specific task or vocation for them to gain mastery of such. Therefore if an average trainee spends 6 hours a day, six days a week on their craft, most would likely archive mastery in 2 years and a quarter. Yet a lot of the current kpop stars spent more than this time in the trainee stage.

Here, the trainee is the student and their agency the master/teacher. so just like the traditional apprenticeship system, a teacher is approached by an aspiring student (auditions), hungry to learn and succeed in the trade. the student shows potential, diligence, and teachability to the master who then in turn judges if such student would be fit for his liking and training. oftentimes for the teacher to make such a decision on whether to accept such student, he/she must have believed in such student, his potential and his ability to reap something worthwhile in return from their encounter. so for this, the teacher is willing to sacrifice his time, energy, and if needs be, money to shape and define this diamond in a rouge, their new project, and possibly a masterpiece.the same goes for agencies and aspiring entertainers.However, in a case where such a master is not willing to make any sacrifices on their part as in the case of Alex who never underwent a rigorous apprenticeship phase, the motive of such encounter between her and her agency is in question.

It was noted that Alex could barely speak nor understand Korean, oftentimes she was left out in discussions because of this. All her raps we’re in English, which was very bad as a kpop idol. But I’ll get to that later.

An agency is not only a teacher but also a business, and a business would never put invaluable resources into something they do not believe would be profitable or yield them long term returns.
However, there is a pattern that I’ve noticed in every single kpop artist or any other person working in any field in the entertainment industry in Korea. and that is, any foreigner who tends to stay the longest in their fields are those their agency had put in a lot of work into. for example, blackpink’s Lisa monobam from Thailand Or twice’s tzuyu from Japan.but for every other foreigner who had skipped this phase, they almost always end up being nothing but a passing fancy.
The way to spot an agency who really is interested in keeping a person long term and isn’t planning on using them as a promotional or marketing strategy is by how well that agency is willing to invest in that person.
After reading this, some people might be gloomy as the foreigners who had lasted longer in the entertainment industry are only those of a “Korean looking” descent. Well…
Meet same okyere, a Ghanaian t.v star in South Korea, he has not a drop of Asian blood in him.He also stars in k-dramas, one of my favorite being moorim school or ‘moorim hakkyo’ in romanized Korean.

He is the guy sitting tall with a ray of heavenly light shining on him in the middle of the photo.
He is married to a Korean woman and is pretty much accepted by her family and society.Then we also have the biracial Ahn Hyun Min who is one of South Korea’s most famous male modelHe is half Nigerian and half Korean.So you see, her being black was not totally a situation. But if that wasn’t, then was it….

Alex’s social unintelligence

After the reading the first point, some people may start to point fingers at her agency for not caring for her and being exploitative, fair enough. But first, let’s shift the spotlight back to Alex.
Alex is African-American, brought up in the United States 🇺🇸, and is basically westernized. Being ignorant on her part and knowing only Hollywood and America made her view of the societies around the world impaired, especially that of the Korean society. She failed to realize that what was charming, normal and acceptable in one culture is drastically different from another.therefore, one’s inability to adapt to a different culture or society, absorbing their spirit and mirroring their ways is the highest act of social blunder.
Due to poor training, inadequate research on her part and the part of her agency, she thought she could fit in Hollywood into Hallyu. This is evident in her little charade over the Internet.
no other kpop female artist or aspirants would have dreamt of doing what she did, at least, not in public. She basically signed off the first rule of society, “when you’re in Rome, you act as the Romans do” but this does not mean becoming a Koreaboo like Lana

A Russian girl who changes both her last name and face to look more Korean in other to fit into the kpop world.  this ended up making the International community disgusted. But I won’t be talking about her case as my blog is primarily about people of color, and issues affecting us.
Her thinking she could be her normal black American self at the early stages of her career was just downright stupid, especially when people’s defenses we’re still up concerning this ” foreign invader” to the very heart of Korean culture, of Hallyu.

It is a normal human instinct to be afraid and defensive of something new or foreign. if you were to imposed change, it is always a bad idea to do it all at once. you are bound to stir up resistance!

the second part of this post will feature critical lessons to be learned from her failure and what she should have done differently if she were to have lasted longer in the spotlight.

do you disagree with anything I had said during the course of this blog, share your thoughts and arguments in the comment section below!