How to get camera worthy skin for live streamers ASAP!

Whether you’re a gamer live streaming from your bedroom, a vlogger talking about random stuff online, or you’re simply just another social media user, the pressure to appear flawless on camera is always there as we are all in the “public’s eye”, always performing. Companies know about this pressures and the underlying insecurities that comes with it, so they spend hundreds of millions of dollars not only in production, but on marketing the sleekness of their products to us, but makeup by itself can only do so much.

Tiktok has risen to become a very huge deal in the past few years from seemingly nowhere totally kicking out Snapchat to the curb and turning it into something only “oldies” would use. I can’t even remember the last time I logged into that platform.

How to have clear skin on camera
tiktok grunge inspired makeup

Social media gave birth to history’s largest beauty trends, they’ve never been a time in history that people (men inclusive) spent more on beauty and cosmetics as like now, and this trend is showing no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

When trying to get seamless makeup finish that covers our acne, hyperpigmentations, and other skin blemishes, using a high quality primer, concealer, and foundation is usually enough to do the trick. But the best makeup finish is always achieved on a clear skin, even if you are a professional.

How to get clear skin for camera
purple still remains my aesthetic color bias.

A clear and healthy skin is always the base of sleek makeup. Plus, no one really wants to get dragged for looking like a totally different person whenever the makeup and the face tune has been taken out of the picture.

In today’s post, I will be sharing our editors top rated skin Care products that could potentially help you tackle common skin issues like acne, textured skin, hyperpigmentation, large visible pores, and oily skin so you can achieve your camera visual goals and spend less on overall makeup purchase!

Tiktiok beauty

Our top rated products to help you get a clear skin as soon as possible!

Pretty much everyone is familiar with the kbeauty 10 steps (sometimes 14 steps) beauty routine starting with a makeup remover if you’ve been wearing makeup, followed by a pre-cleanser which is usually an oil base cleanser, and then finishing off with an SPF for day, or a night cream for the night. This method of skin care have been proven to be highly effective by thousands of people, giving it a “holy grail” ranking!

How to have good camera skin

Here are some of our favourite skincare product you should consider incorporating into your everyday beauty routine if you want a piece of that action.

Every single product recommended here have been personally curated by me and is found to be reputable. These are also affiliated links, meaning if you use them to make purchases I would earn a little stipend but at no extra cost to you.


When it comes to heavyduty face wash to help treat skin issues such as cystic acne, you definitely need a cleanser with a good amount of alpha hydroxl acid (AHA) such as glycolic acid to do the job.

Botanical tree Contains 10% glycolic acid, as well as organic extracts such as bamboo, shea butter, and tea tree. So instead of using a basic face wash that cleans only surface dirt, this acne cleanser uses potent ingredients for some good ol’ deep clean. This facial cleanser is a great way to start or end your day by helping to Brighten a dull-Looking Complexion. $20.90

How to get a clear skin for photoshoots

For oil base cleansers The Japanese beauty brand Kose Softymo does exactly as intended – it gently removes makeup, dirt, and any other sort of substances (oil, sunscreen, etc.) that can accumulate on your face throughout the day, and it is totally affordable, just $9.29!

To use, first make sure your hands are clean. Dry them off and squirt a small amount (a full pump would be too much – maybe enough to be the size of a quarter) on your palm or fingers (I like to put it on my fingers so that I can reach to clean areas on my face that my palms cannot). Gently rub the oil onto your DRY face. It will lift up makeup and dirt almost immediately, although you might need to spend a little more time and care on getting mascara/eyeliner off. The oil will remain the same colorless, oily texture. When you’re done rubbing, rinse your hands and face.


Now on rinsing off, the oil will emulsify with the water and turn into a pale light blueish color, as it rinses off easily. I have never needed a second rinse as the oil does not stick to my skin like typical oils would. Once water is applied, it all comes off – there’s no residue or oily shine like you would expect, it’s just perfect!

How to get a clear skin fast

Lilianna Naturals’ Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid for Face and Eyes has been my very favorite Serum for some time now, most especially for the treatment of sun damage, acne scars, textured skin, and of course, acne also.

The Vitamin E in this product will help with hyperpigmentation, fading scars and the reduction fine lines. It also makes a great dark spot corrector for the face. It can be used around the under eye area as well to help with dark circles and wrinkles. Nevertheless, it is also great for women and men’s daily use as it has maximum prescription strength effectiveness while being gentle enough for sensitive skin. This product is also non comedogenic, and be used both day and night.

Tiktok skincare

How to: Wash and pat skin dry as usual. If you are going to use a toner, apply the toner before the serum. Use the dropper and put a nickel size amount in your hand. Use your finger tips to apply one thin layer of serum to entire face, neck and decollete (a little goes a long way). Allow to dry for 1 – 2 minutes. This can be used not just daily, but also under make up as well. Follow application with your favorite high quality moisturizer. This product cost only $19.99


A skincare routine is never completed without the right moisturizer, NeuBeautics Collagen cream contains only pure and natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, etc. The essential nutrients of this cream provide moisturizing while nourishing and soothing skin. This collagen cream also fights the aging process, eliminating fine lines and wrinkles.

This nourishing formula supports skin regeneration during the day and at night, while the rich texture softly melts into the skin getting absorbed quickly, providing immediate sensations of skin comfort. NeuBeautics firming cream is three products in one: a day moisturizer that hydrates, a night cream that nourishes, and an efficient anti-aging treatment for women and men. This fast-absorbing, non-greasy cream intensively restores skin’s softness and suppleness. It is perfect even for sensitive skin due to its natural and safe compounds.

How to look good on camera

This cult favourite product cost just a mere $18.89!

Final notes

Even if photo editing apps could grant you a swift magic-like quick fix alá bibidi babibdi boo, you cannot neglect yourself, self-care or skin-care as it can be directly related to your sense of self-worth, self-love and mental health, especially when you are being compared to a computer derived version of yourself. The best makeup is usually the one you never did.

A Gamer’s review of the Ghost of Tsushima

The story opens with Japan on the brink of war. A small group of samurai has gathered on a Tsushima beachhead to repel an invading Mongol force led by Khotun Khan, a fictional descendant of Genghis and Kublai Khan. While the Mongols attacked Japan on multiple occasions, Ghost of Tsushima liberally combines various historical and cultural artifacts for an entirely new narrative. As was the case in the late 13th century, the samurai find themselves unprepared to deal with the invaders’ overwhelming military tactics and get almost completely annihilated.


Ghost of Tsushima puts you in control of Jin Sakai, one of the island’s last remaining samurai. A half-dead Jin is pulled from the battlefield by a wandering thief named Yuna, only to rush off in an attempt to free his captured uncle. Jin makes it his mission to save his home from the invaders, who have wasted no time in running roughshod over Tsushima as a prelude to their attack on the Japanese mainland. For the player, this would translate to a heck a lot of random battles throughout the countryside and liberation villages occupied by the Mongols. Sometimes this would be done with Jin’s allies but most often than not, you were on your own.

Jin is presented pretty much as an enigma in the early hours of Ghost of Tsushima and only through brief flashbacks to the time he spent with his uncle does the player get an insight into what’s really underneath Jin’s rather gruff façade. As an idealized image of the samurai warrior caste that existed in Japan at the time, he spends a lot of time worrying about the dichotomy of honor and shame. But it soon becomes abundantly clear that Jin must adopt new tactics, even those he views as “dishonorable,” to liberate Tsushima, adding a thin layer of internal strife to the more overt conflict against the Mongols.

Ghost of Tsushima gaming techniques

The classic Samurai have been extensively mythologized in modern times no doubt, which was why in this reimagination what was essentially the paramilitary arm of a system of feudal land ownership were seen as noble, as superhuman dispensers of justice. Before playing the game, a lot of people had expected that this stereotypical concept might tie into some sort of weird, Mass Effect-Esque morality system by which the main character would vacillate between “honor” and “shame” depending on how he approached every situation.

Thankfully, that was not the case, even if the game’s narrative tunnel-visions on that concept. There’s no penalty for approaching battles in Ghost of Tsushima stealthily, which Jin considers a violation of samurai code. You don’t get locked out of any skill trees or storylines depending on how you decide to fight. While Jin is forced to take a more stealthy approach for both tutorial and narrative reasons early on, there’s also nothing stopping you from proudly walking into an enemy encampment and challenging dozens of Mongols to a straight-up fight. Granted, the best approach would always be a mixture of traditional katana skills and more “underhanded” tools like smoke bombs and firecrackers, but the game never punishes you for living out your own personal version of Seven Samurai.

That enduring image of a lone warrior surrounded by foes becomes a neat gameplay mechanic in Ghost of Tsushima. When approaching a group of enemies, Jin can call out to them with a challenge for a one-on-one combat against their strongest fighter. Here, the game asks you to hold the Triangle button and keep a close eye on your opponent. When they make a move, that’s your cue to release the button, which causes Jin to unsheathe his sword and unleash a deadly, one-hit kill. By the end of the game, a combination of skills and armor made it so you could slice through five enemies in a row before actually starting a battle.

Ghost of Tsushima’s swordplay is basic and engaging, a mixture of light and heavy attacks, parries, and dodges, tied to specific buttons or button combos. The combat system is very easy to grasp if you’ve played any recent video game, perhaps as a way to indicate, through gameplay, that Jin has been learning to fight with a katana since he was a child. As the game goes on, you learn various stances—combat styles that you can shift into at will—by observing and killing Mongol generals. Stances are meant to deal with different types of enemies: The stone stance, for instance, is better suited to taking down swordsmen, whereas the water stance’s flow of bludgeoning strikes is perfect for decimating shields. These stances, much like the rest of Jin’s repertoire, can be improved with skill points earned from defeating enemies and completing missions to unlock more combo strings and increase damage.

The “ghost” in Ghost of Tsushima could refer to Jin’s transformation from a rigid samurai warrior into a guerrilla vigilante willing to do anything to save his home. Where a samurai might focus entirely on his katana and bow, the covert tactics Jin learns over the course of the campaign gives him access to a multitude of more subtle weaponry. This starts out with some basic kunai, which can be thrown to break an opponent’s guard from a distance, but quickly expands to include tools like smoke bombs, explosives, and even wind chimes that draw enemies’ attention. Jin’s most important tool, however, is his tanto, a short blade that allows him to perform quick, violent assassinations from the shadows. It’s rare to enter a fight where you’re not vastly outnumbered, so it’s best to balance the scales as much as possible from the relative comfort of stealth. The only time where stealth really feels required is when the Mongols have taken hostages. If an enemy spots you, they’ll start to cut down prisoners unless you can stop them.

These two aspects of Jin’s arsenal combine to make every battle in Ghost of Tsushima fluid, ever-evolving affair. While you might initially sneak into a Mongol encampment, one wrong move can turn the mission into an all-out brawl against the camp’s entire garrison. I usually found myself picking off high-priority targets like bruisers with medieval shotguns and explosive-throwing support troops with my bow before wading into battle, where smart usage of my stances was key to surviving. Eventually, the Mongols begin to employ the services of animals like hunting dogs and hawks, which can sniff you out or spot you from above. I never found myself tiring of the basic flow of combat, but I quickly got so strong that stealthy approaches were just a waste of time when there weren’t any hostages to protect. Why assassinate Mongols when I could just walk up, challenge them to a duel, and mop up the stragglers?

Ghost of Tsushima review

Besides combat, much of the game is dedicated to exploring the island’s lush environments. Jin strides across vast fields of flowers, the muck and mire of swamplands, and even the icy northern reaches of Tsushima during his adventure. At one point, he dropped his hand to feel the foliage as I raced along on a horse, mimicking my exact desire at that moment. Tsushima also features a weather system that, while not offering much apart from rainstorms and rolling fog, gives the beautiful scenery an additional coat of aesthetic flair. Over the course of the game, Jin can learn songs on his flute that change the weather at will.

Ghost of Tsushima tricks

Ghost of Tsushima has an almost insatiable desire to remind you of its influences through its visuals. Each mission opens with a title card that draws inspiration from old samurai films. An optional black-and-white visual filter is literally named after legendary director Akira Kurosawa. Important duels are preceded by a lengthy, tension-building cutscene that ultimately functioned as a minute or so to check my phone while waiting for it to playout for the tenth time. Every attempt at infusing Tsushima with these cribbed details feels like a wink and a nudge for recognition rather than true homage.

Ghost of Tsushima spoiler

Ghost of Tsushima fills its expanses with multiple diversions. Tall, white flags indicate the presence of a bamboo strike mini-game, which asks you to quickly tap out increasingly difficult button sequences to increase Jin’s resolve meter.


In combat, this meter allows you to heal, use special techniques like a series of devastating slashes that homes in on opponents, and even revive yourself. Hot springs can be found beneath trees with orange blossoms, giving Jin a chance to decompress and extending his health bar. Swarms of fireflies mean a fox den is nearby, the denizen of which will lead you to a special shrine that lets you carry more charms, accessories with bonuses that range from simple stat boosts to more interesting mechanics like regaining arrows on a headshot.

Ghost of Tsushima overview

While it’s fun to listen to Jin’s internal thoughts while at the hot spring and to pet the foxes after their guidance, I never found myself excited to see one of these landmarks on the horizon. They were merely there to complete for a reward, a far cry from the dynamic intensity of battle.

~Ian walker

Spilling the tea on what I think about the game

Ghost of Tsushima review

Although some people may argue that It feels very weird having to save a peasant from a group of Mongol soldiers, only to have them turn around and reward Jin with whatever meager possessions they were able to hide away. This and also the fact that game had no problem with allowing you to raid homesteads for materials like iron and leather which could then be used to upgrade his gear, this in my take ran a little bit counter to who Jin was and what he was trying to do for the people.

Ghost of Tsushima storyline

According to the game’s narrative, Jin Sakai is the head of his clan, an aristocratic warrior who never lusted for anything in his life, so why then was he so eager to squeeze out every last bit of resources from the people he was supposed to be protecting?


Life was hard before the Mongols arrived, and now villages and farms are burning. People argued that those supplies would be much more useful in attending to refugees rather than a man whose sole ambition is reinstating the power structure that enforced these hardships in the first place.

Ghost of Tsushima gamers tips

I guess the underlying message there could be that Jin was just secretly another imperialist all along who was fighting under the guise of mass liberation to bring back the old world order which had favored him, wouldn’t that be a plot twist? This probably could be one of the reasons why he had no problem looting from the very people he claimed to be protecting. A sense of entitlement, I guess.

Jin was also shown to be somewhat unsympathetic to the plight of the locals, any growth he shows over the course of the game usually deals entirely with his approach to warfare, rather than the imbalances within the society he seeks to protect or even his own responsibility for maintaining them.


This lack of empathy was also evident when a childhood friend betrays him, Jin did very little personal inventory on his part on how he might have contributed to his friend being motivated to betraying him, rather he went on a “holy” quest for revenge. All of this could have been entirely prevented if only he had been a little bit more compassionate.

Ghost of Tsushima release

“Another open-world game” has been my problem this generation. With more and more games coming out all the time, it’s become more of a problem picking out what games to play and when. This generation has been rife with open worlds and live games that are only getting bigger and demanding more and more of our time, helping to fuel our video game addiction.

I quickly got tired of open-world games as soon as they truly became a thing (I believe this was around grand theft auto 3) I noticed early on that these games sacrificed tight narrative, which was what really stuck to the mind long after a game has been finished. But when the game begins to get elaborate for the freedom to do anything in the world, You start to see inconsistencies and holes in the plot as a result, with some missions or quests seeming all too repetitive.

Ghost of Tsushima


“Press R2 to compose haiku.”


Open-world samurai simulator


Fluid combat, gorgeous landscapes, charming side characters


Tedious missions, uninspired protagonist


Sucker Punch Productions


PlayStation 4


July 17, 2020


55+ hours to finish the story and 100% the map

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Celebrating my two years anniversary as a blogger

Today would officially make it my second year in the blogging industry, even though the times I had spent actually blogging is notoriously inconsistent! This nevertheless was as a result of me doubting my abilities and the value of what I bring to the table as a blogger.

The last time anything at all was uploaded to this site was in January this year, that was before all the madness and chaos that has and will forever brand the year 2020 began.

To say I suffered from writers block would be a grotesque understatement.

No doubt this year has been one of the most intense year I have ever encountered. I spent a generous amount of my time surfing the Internet while I lay on my bed. I mean, what else was there to do? Plus, I needed the distraction anyway!


Nevertheless, as civilization came to a grinding halt all over the world, I thought it would be a great opportunity to do some soul searching, I pretty much explored every idea I could find on the internet, from history, to the art, and the occult!

I indulged in some tarot divination, astrology, even witchcraft wasn’t really far from the mix, you can imagine my disappointment when I realized that can’t lift objects with a flick of the hand or wand!

Neither could I have pretty lights emitting as I perform magick. Damn you Hollywood!


It was a bit scary to explore a totally novel territory, but at the same time, it was exciting! who knew that there was this much assortment of people, culture, and beliefs out there, it is a pity that mainstream society lets a lot fall through its cracks.

As a blogger, I’ve always felt that I needed to explore more than what was comfortable and customary to me. I mean if life is like a canvas, and our experience and the way we choose to see life the colors, how conventional would it be as the artist of our own existence if we merely get to work with limited colors?!

Should I pledge better devotion to blogging? I think It’s high time I finally commit to this community, especially when it keeps growing by the day.

Nevertheless, since I’m the kind of person who is constantly changing, going wherever the wind and my interest takes me, be rest assured that it will be reflected in my blogging, but not to worry! Especially if you are one of those readers on this site who Is primarily here for the blogs I make on beauty, health, and fitness, those topics would still be continued, this is a lifestyle blog anyway and I don’t think those topics can be excluded from the mix!

Well, I think that’s that about that, I’m kind of excited to be proceeding into the new and improved version of the antisocial tomato, irrespective of what’s happening this year, I believe the best Is just around the corner, especially when we choose to focus on what we can change and what’s in our control!

Oh, and I’ve changed my online pseudonym from Halo to 11th house, I’ll tell you why another time😜

How to climb a social ladder: the rules

Being in society is risky business, climbing the social ladder is even riskier, be it in low-class society, high society, or the court society, it is an entirely different realm of its own. Since humans are social creatures it is almost entirely impossible to climb life’s ladder of success without having to go through society. … Continue reading “How to climb a social ladder: the rules”

Being in society is risky business, climbing the social ladder is even riskier, be it in low-class society, high society, or the court society, it is an entirely different realm of its own.

Since humans are social creatures it is almost entirely impossible to climb life’s ladder of success without having to go through society.

To be a great society courtier you have to be a master at the science of manipulating people, and I don’t mean this in an entirely negative way.

These people are good at making other people feel more kingly, they are magicians of appearance, knowing that most things in society are judged based on how they seem, this is where the saying “fake it till you make it” originated from.

They are aggressive, yet polite in their handling, for their aggression is veiled and masterfully indirect.

Being masters of the word, they never say more than necessary, getting the most out of a compliment or an insult.

these people are magnets of pleasure, everyone wants to be around them because they know how to please, yet they neither fawn or humiliate themselves. you may have come across this kind of people, though their number seems to ever dwindle as people become less and less courteous and more self-absorbed,

however, this though will serve more of an advantage to those who have mastered the act of society, as well as its maneuvers, for they are indeed rear.



It is never prudent to prattle about yourself and call attention to your accomplishments, actions or ownerships.

most people have been in the company of people who just never seem to shut it, they infuriate us!

Nevertheless, the more they talk about their deeds, the more suspicious we become of them and so it is to other people when we are in the position of the “bragged”.

when you prattle, you stir enough envy among your peers to induce treachery and backstabbing.

Be ever so careful in trumpeting your achievements and always talk less about yourself than about other people.

Modesty is generally preferable.


Never seem to be working too hard.

your talent should seem to flow naturally, with ease that people take you for a genius rather than a workaholic.

These should also go beyond the realm of the career or the talent world.

Your style and character demeanor should all seem to be natural (see— learning the sinister arts of fame from the Modern Masters), never be seen trying to work too hard even when it requires a lot of sweat, people prefer rather not to see your blood and toil which is just another form of ostentation.

It is better for them to marvel at how gracefully you have achieved your accomplishments than to wonder why it took so much work.


Equality is unnatural.

Some people believe that you should be talking and treating everyone the same irrespective of their rank because it makes you somehow a paragon of civilization, is a fatal mistake.

Those below you will take it as a form of condescension, which it is.

While those above you will be offended, though they may not admit to it.

You must change your style and the way you speak to suit each person.

This is not lying, it is acting and acting is an art.

Never assume your criteria of behavior and judgment is universal, for an inability to change and adapt to another culture is the height of barbarism.


You must learn to couch your advice and criticism as indirectly and as politely as possible, for a lot of people are insecure, even if they do not show it.

Not everyone can handle an outright criticism, and your innocent, goodwill intention may not be received as well as you might think.

Think twice, or thrice, before deciding you have made them sufficiently indirect.

Always lean-to the side of subtlety and gentleness.


A lively wit and a humorous disposition are essential for a good socialite, and there are times that vulgarity is appropriate and even engaging.

However, avoid any kind of joke about appearance or taste, for these are two highly sensitive areas for it is an expression of their most authentic selves, and a blow to that, is a blow to their core.

Do not even try it, even when you’re away from them.

The walls have ears and you will dig your own grave.


Everyone will bear witness to this that no one ever likes the one who is always asking for “a solid”.

Over time we’d all come to think if they are actually friend with us just because of what they’d get out of us.

However, nothing irritates us more than having to reject someone else request.

This stirs up guilt and resentments and anyone who had ever had to turn down a request would testify to this.

Ask for favors as rarely as possible from other people, and know when to stop!

Rather than making yourself the supplicant, chose rather to earn your favors, let the giver willingly bestow them upon you.

Remember also not to ask for favors on another person behalf, least of all a friend.


There is a paradox however, you cannot display yourself too brazenly.

No one likes the person who always shows off and overtly tries to court attention.

Most of us in return will tune them out because we do not want to give them that satisfaction of having our attention.

Learn from this.

To get noticed, however, initially, is a matter of literally being seen, pay attention to your physical appearance, then find a way to create a distinctive— subtlely distinctive— style and image. Also, see– learning the sinister arts of fame from the Modern Masters


To be a charmer you have to listen and observe, let your target talk, revealing themselves in the process.

As you find more about them, their strengths, and most importantly, their weaknesses, you can individualize your attention, appealing to their specific needs and desire, tailoring you’re flattering to their insecurities.

By adapting their spirits, you can make them feel bigger and better, validating their self-worth, a rear quality in our modern times.


Life is already hard enough as it is, no one wants around them someone who will only remind them about how depressing living can be!

No one wants to hear about your whine stories, because most people are self-centered.

Rather listen to your target complaints, but more importantly, distract them from their problems by giving them pleasure.

Be light-hearted and fun, it is much more charming than being serious and critical.

Do this and watch people clamor to be around you since people love to associate themselves with whatever they think is elevated and cultured.


If done subtly, your ability to enhance the quality of people’s lives would prove to be dangerously seductive.

Your social skills would prove to be important here.

Creating a wide network of allies will give you the ability to link people up with others which will serve to make them feel that by knowing you, they can make their lives much more easier, it is something no one can resist.


Showing calm and an unruffled exterior in the face of unpleasantness puts people at ease, you’d seem patient, regal.

As if you’re waiting for destiny to hand you a card to your advantage.

Never show anger, ill-temper or vengefulness, all disruptive emotions that will make people defensive.

Let others get flustered and irritated, the contrast will work in your favor.

In society, never whine, never complain, never try to explain yourself.

Blackpink’s Lisa edition; cringy kpop fans’ photoshops

When I was gathering the necessary information for my previous post, I came across some really, REALLY, disturbing photoshopped pictures of her (Lisa) made by thirsty fans, and without a doubt,

This has to be said!

Now, we all love Lisa Monobam, the Thai Kpop sensation. And with the rise of blackpink on the international entertainment arena, I think since 2015/2016, everyone who knows blackpink, knows Lisa.

Lisa is a combination of talent and great visuals! She oozes out feminine sexuality and the vibes of a queen B.

So because of this, it’s no surprise when people, especially teenagers constantly dream of becoming her, living her life, and identifying with her. It is meant to be that way because that’s the way Kpop was built.

The entire industry runs on manipulating the dreams, hopes and most of all, the insecurities of young naive people. Kpop sells you an imaginary friend if you are a pathetic loner, Kpop sells you an imaginary boyfriend/girlfriend, whichever one rocks your fancy, if you’ve got none.

It makes you dissatisfied with your reality by presenting you with an image of what could be, what should be, what you’re missing out on.

Then it presents itself as a source of pleasure, as a source of escape. For in your imagination, you are totally free, uninhabited, you could be anything you want, without being judged, without consequences. The perfect illusion.

But alas, once we’ve tested pleasure once, we’d want to have it again, back and front, back, and front, then we are obsessed.

This is the reason why we have what the South Koreans call, saesang fans.

But this saesang culture is taking a whole new turn on the internet, as people try their very best to create in actuality through the power of photoshop their rather pervasive desires.

Shipping couples together: how it all began

Two/three year’s back, there were a lot of rumors speculating that Blackpinks’ Lisa and BTS’s Jungkook had a thing going just because they took a picture together.

Let’s face it, Jungkook is really good looking, in my take he has one of the best visuals in the BTS boy band. Plus they had kind of looked good together in the snapshot.

But with the amount of photoshopped pictures out there, I don’t even know which one is authentic or not, but what I do know is that these two people are definitely not In any sort of relationship!


What pisses me off

I get that most celebrities thrive on the larger than life image they have successfully built up in the minds of the masses. But do we all have to be mindless zombies, absorbing everything they throw at us, and then hype it up beyond reasonable proportions?

These people are humans too, no matter how often we tend to forget, or blatantly ignore! They are not objects or cartoon characters in which we could do whatever the hell we want with because they have no mind or emotions of their own!

Do you know how annoying, even frustrating it can be when people ship you with some guy/girl you don’t even have a preference for just because they see you smile or had a brief chat with? It had happened to me too, and I know I’m not alone on this!

Then imagine it being done on a global scale, creating all these pictures, having it go viral? All because people are desperately looking for something to rant about.

I remember when Shawn Mendes had said in a fan interview that he liked the Disney t.v show “the wizard of Waverly Place”, then all of a sudden, fans started to say, Shawn was trying to give Selena Gomez a shout out. I mean come on!

When this happened to me, I had to completely cut contact with the guy I was being shipped with, we were mere acquaintances, but hearing what people started to say about us, it was just disgusting! I had it end it.

People need to learn to keep their fantasies and expectations to themselves.

In the case of Jung kook and Lisa, maybe the photo was mere happenstance or a PR stunt. Irrespective of the story behind the photo, if you do not hear shit from the horses’ mouth, shut your pie hole!

Take this as a life skill and lesson.