“Defund the police and put funds into black communities!” Jane Fonda

When I first started this blog I made the decision that I wouldn’t get political because I didn’t want to isolate any of my readers, however, with the current frenzy less pandemic going on, social media has seen a good-sized amount of stupidity openly displayed in a bid to appear “pro-liberal” and “politically correct”.

I’ve not been one to keep up with social media trends, I find it quite exhausting really, however, I do try nevertheless, so I don’t appear like a bot to my blog’s readers and followers.

Regardless, nothing quite prepared me for the triggering I would receive on Twitter today, I practically went on a rampage because of that!

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We get that people are angry, and we know about the painful link between police brutality and racism against people of color in the united states, this is a reality we all wish only happens “in the movies” especially in the black community.

However, with the rising emotions everywhere it’s kind of easy for bad people or opportunists to use the mass’s vulnerability to acquire quick fame, recognition, and political support on things people would have written off as preposterous had it been suggested people were a little bit calmer.


At times like this, it takes divine grace to not get caught up in the viral effect!

Liberal Jane Fonda being dumb again

After the viral video of George Floyd, an African American man who was murdered by a group of police officers out on the streets, the words “I can’t breath” became a battle cry against police brutality and the reality of racism in the united states.

The whole story sparked up an unquenchable rage all over the US, creating unification of people in protest of the likes which have never been seen in the past few years. suddenly self-isolation and the possibility of contracting the coronavirus became trivial.

Hundreds of thousands of green dollars began pouring into funds which claimed to do justice to the ills affecting people of color, as celebrities like the Weeknd donating half a million dollars to the cause.

But then as other people were finding ways to be of support to the cause, what was the smartest thing Lil ol’ Jane Fonda could come up with??

Even though the police department does have its “bad cops”, what miss smarty pants could have suggested is for the restructuring of the police force and the eviction of police officers who have proven to be people who do not regard the lives of civilians that do not possess the same skin color or are not of the same ethnicity as them. It doesn’t matter if they or the victims are black, white, Hispanic, or whatever. Racism is racism!


Saying that the police needs to be defunded is putting the lives of honest police officers at risk, it is making room for vile opportunists to get away with crimes, it is putting the lives of the everyday man, woman, and child, the people who really need their everyday cop on stand by at risk!

But of cause how would she know that when she is safely tucked away in her California mansion in a gated community surrounded by her very own team of security agents?

Support black communities? Yes. Defund the police or create a police free community? Honey, you need some stitches to your lips!

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Affluence starts with the Mani’s

There is an age-old belief that says that you can tell a man’s class or profession by merely looking at their hands.

Indeed for a woman, you could literally tell her level of self-attentiveness, value, and care by how well her hands look.

Anyone can slather on a good makeup and perfume, but it takes a truly elegant woman to pay attention to the littlest of details when it comes to their physical appearance.

If there is one thing the affluent society is known for, is it scrutinizing eyes, therefore, anything that hints at you not putting your best foot forward; a chipped nail polish, that little tear on your cloth, a poorly-tailored dress or suit, could drastically lower your value, putting a roof over how far you could go in life.

Luxury nail polish

This nevertheless, does not mean you should engage in an avant-garde display of wealth through clothing and material possession, for that will only flatter (sometimes) the people who are poor or nouveau rich. But never the people who are affluent, people who hold the power to advance your career. at best, you’d only end up stirring disgust, insecurities, and envy, all of which are counter productive for you. How to climb a social ladder: the rules

unlike men, women have a much “easier” ride into the affluent society, a well dressed and spoken woman with a beautiful face and shallow pockets can travel much faster than the average man or person.


other than the face and legs, what other body parts do you think gets the most attention and grace?

A beautiful, delicate, well-kept hands. Nothing screams “money bag” and luxury louder than that!

A beautiful hand right from the beginning of organized society has been something most sought after, it is a sign we unconsciously ascribe to nobility, even to our modern-day, it is a trend that shows no sign of slowing down soon.

Not too long ago, I shared a post on how to get baby hands, HOW TO MAKE BEAUTIFUL BABY HANDS today we are going to talk get a flawless manicure to go with it by picking the right nail polish shade. The kind that screams class, femininity, and elegance!

Picking the right nail polish

Pretty much all nail polish colors are beautiful, the only question, who’s wearing it?


When it comes to colors, factors such as skin tone, skin undertone, and the general skin contrast would always play major roles in what colors truly brings out the beauty of your hands.

Nude nail polish

Although generally, I do love nude and pastel colors as it is easy for it to blend into any outfit or style I chose to wear any day, having other colors on too from time to time doesn’t hurt, the general rule of thumb is to keep it elegant and natural, no matter what color you chose to wear

Elegant nail polish

Colour charts for dummies

skin undertones, are typically classified into warm and cold, which are further broken down into seasons; autumn, winter, spring, and summer. With spring and autumn falling under warm, while summer and winter, are classified cold.

Skin undertone coding for nail polish

Knowing what skin undertone you fall under is the basics to knowing what color that doesn’t just suit you, but also enhances your features while remaining natural.

In my case, I am a warm autumn.


these charts are also applicable, though with slight modifications to people of darker skin tone.

Tips to finding your undertone

Do you have Green or blue veins? This is one of the most common ways of determining your skin undertone, check your wrist, if you can see green veins, then you are warm-toned like me. If your veins are blue, then obviously, you are cold toned. Of cause, there are also those who have both green and blue colored veins.

Skin undertone test

The gold/silver test stand in front of a neutral background, white perhaps, and hold gold or silver cloth or jewelry, whichever one you like. Place either item alongside your face and look at a mirror, if your face looks dull against; A. Gold, then you are cold toned, B. Silver, then you are warm-toned. Obviously, if either color brightens up your face, giving you a glow in the process, then you know you are the tone such item represents.

The shade of your hair and eye color also gives out a little bit of information on what skin undertone you have.

Picking a nail polish

People with cold summer undertones are the queens of pastel colors!

everything on the light and cool side looks great on them.

there is always a general rule of thumb when it comes to picking colors for every four seasons and categories especially when the goal is to have an elegant polished finish.

granted, it may be tempting to purchase and use a color you like even though it might not be the best shade on you, I, for example, love cool pastel colors, but as warm autumn, that would only make my hands look dull and shaggy, with the color overpowering my hands.

Luxury manicure

Therefore, as annoying as it may be at times, we just have to find what works and stick to it.

Extra notes

When trying to get a clean manicure work done, most people would have on to a spa, which is recommended, I know I can’t pull the look that I want on my own, don’t have the skills for that. But due to the pandemic, most businesses are out of work for safety reasons. You could nevertheless, use this as an opportunity to learn the art of self-pampering so you do not have to meet a professional every single time you need a job done. That’s why DIY manicure kits exist. Just know that no matter how beautiful and proud you are of the work you have done, do not keep nail polish on for more than a week. I learned that the hard way as the nail polish ended up staining my nails.

Take the polish out every week if you applied them directly to your nails every week even if they are perfectly fine and reapply again, even if it’s the same color.

How to climb a social ladder: the rules

Being in society is risky business, climbing the social ladder is even riskier, be it in low-class society, high society, or the court society, it is an entirely different realm of its own. Since humans are social creatures it is almost entirely impossible to climb life’s ladder of success without having to go through society. … Continue reading “How to climb a social ladder: the rules”

Being in society is risky business, climbing the social ladder is even riskier, be it in low-class society, high society, or the court society, it is an entirely different realm of its own.

Since humans are social creatures it is almost entirely impossible to climb life’s ladder of success without having to go through society.

To be a great society courtier you have to be a master at the science of manipulating people, and I don’t mean this in an entirely negative way.

These people are good at making other people feel more kingly, they are magicians of appearance, knowing that most things in society are judged based on how they seem, this is where the saying “fake it till you make it” originated from.

They are aggressive, yet polite in their handling, for their aggression is veiled and masterfully indirect.

Being masters of the word, they never say more than necessary, getting the most out of a compliment or an insult.

these people are magnets of pleasure, everyone wants to be around them because they know how to please, yet they neither fawn or humiliate themselves. you may have come across this kind of people, though their number seems to ever dwindle as people become less and less courteous and more self-absorbed,

however, this though will serve more of an advantage to those who have mastered the act of society, as well as its maneuvers, for they are indeed rear.



It is never prudent to prattle about yourself and call attention to your accomplishments, actions or ownerships.

most people have been in the company of people who just never seem to shut it, they infuriate us!

Nevertheless, the more they talk about their deeds, the more suspicious we become of them and so it is to other people when we are in the position of the “bragged”.

when you prattle, you stir enough envy among your peers to induce treachery and backstabbing.

Be ever so careful in trumpeting your achievements and always talk less about yourself than about other people.

Modesty is generally preferable.


Never seem to be working too hard.

your talent should seem to flow naturally, with ease that people take you for a genius rather than a workaholic.

These should also go beyond the realm of the career or the talent world.

Your style and character demeanor should all seem to be natural (see— learning the sinister arts of fame from the Modern Masters), never be seen trying to work too hard even when it requires a lot of sweat, people prefer rather not to see your blood and toil which is just another form of ostentation.

It is better for them to marvel at how gracefully you have achieved your accomplishments than to wonder why it took so much work.


Equality is unnatural.

Some people believe that you should be talking and treating everyone the same irrespective of their rank because it makes you somehow a paragon of civilization, is a fatal mistake.

Those below you will take it as a form of condescension, which it is.

While those above you will be offended, though they may not admit to it.

You must change your style and the way you speak to suit each person.

This is not lying, it is acting and acting is an art.

Never assume your criteria of behavior and judgment is universal, for an inability to change and adapt to another culture is the height of barbarism.


You must learn to couch your advice and criticism as indirectly and as politely as possible, for a lot of people are insecure, even if they do not show it.

Not everyone can handle an outright criticism, and your innocent, goodwill intention may not be received as well as you might think.

Think twice, or thrice, before deciding you have made them sufficiently indirect.

Always lean-to the side of subtlety and gentleness.


A lively wit and a humorous disposition are essential for a good socialite, and there are times that vulgarity is appropriate and even engaging.

However, avoid any kind of joke about appearance or taste, for these are two highly sensitive areas for it is an expression of their most authentic selves, and a blow to that, is a blow to their core.

Do not even try it, even when you’re away from them.

The walls have ears and you will dig your own grave.


Everyone will bear witness to this that no one ever likes the one who is always asking for “a solid”.

Over time we’d all come to think if they are actually friend with us just because of what they’d get out of us.

However, nothing irritates us more than having to reject someone else request.

This stirs up guilt and resentments and anyone who had ever had to turn down a request would testify to this.

Ask for favors as rarely as possible from other people, and know when to stop!

Rather than making yourself the supplicant, chose rather to earn your favors, let the giver willingly bestow them upon you.

Remember also not to ask for favors on another person behalf, least of all a friend.


There is a paradox however, you cannot display yourself too brazenly.

No one likes the person who always shows off and overtly tries to court attention.

Most of us in return will tune them out because we do not want to give them that satisfaction of having our attention.

Learn from this.

To get noticed, however, initially, is a matter of literally being seen, pay attention to your physical appearance, then find a way to create a distinctive— subtlely distinctive— style and image. Also, see– learning the sinister arts of fame from the Modern Masters


To be a charmer you have to listen and observe, let your target talk, revealing themselves in the process.

As you find more about them, their strengths, and most importantly, their weaknesses, you can individualize your attention, appealing to their specific needs and desire, tailoring you’re flattering to their insecurities.

By adapting their spirits, you can make them feel bigger and better, validating their self-worth, a rear quality in our modern times.


Life is already hard enough as it is, no one wants around them someone who will only remind them about how depressing living can be!

No one wants to hear about your whine stories, because most people are self-centered.

Rather listen to your target complaints, but more importantly, distract them from their problems by giving them pleasure.

Be light-hearted and fun, it is much more charming than being serious and critical.

Do this and watch people clamor to be around you since people love to associate themselves with whatever they think is elevated and cultured.


If done subtly, your ability to enhance the quality of people’s lives would prove to be dangerously seductive.

Your social skills would prove to be important here.

Creating a wide network of allies will give you the ability to link people up with others which will serve to make them feel that by knowing you, they can make their lives much more easier, it is something no one can resist.


Showing calm and an unruffled exterior in the face of unpleasantness puts people at ease, you’d seem patient, regal.

As if you’re waiting for destiny to hand you a card to your advantage.

Never show anger, ill-temper or vengefulness, all disruptive emotions that will make people defensive.

Let others get flustered and irritated, the contrast will work in your favor.

In society, never whine, never complain, never try to explain yourself.


Doesn’t matter if you’re a fan or not, doesn’t matter if you think that they are just some bunch of idiotic overly glorified modern-day courtesans, their impact on our present-day society is felt worldwide!

I mean these women are literally praised for doing absolutely nothing,


A lot of people are either too busy being consumed by their detest for them, or their cult-like worship of them that they fail to see the genius behind their climb to world-wide fame,

now while I’m not a fan of the Kardashians; I don’t like them, and I don’t hate them either, I just don’t care as much to consider myself a fan.

None the less, their wit is something I cannot ignore, so in this article, I’m going to share with you critical lessons I have come to learn by closely looking at what makes the Kardashians, well, Kardashians to the public.

it doesn’t matter if your audience is small or large, these lessons are pretty much applicable, some even universal. This means It can also be applied by anyone.

so without further ado…….




No one likes the timid, you’re either hot or cold, and I’m not talking about the sexual appeal.

however, this is easier said than done, especially with the rate of prudery among people.

the modern-day prude are those who are excessively concerned with the standard of fairness, political sensitivity, or tastefulness.

They tend to wear drab clothes and certainly never take any fashion risk.

they can be very judgmental and critical of people who do take risks and are less correct.

However, beneath all those facades that sometimes just seems like a “holier than thou” show

You could even find them online as trolls, even haters.

one of the main reasons the Kardashians still remain in the spotlight is because of the pool of prudes tailing them, you need to understand that fame, money or power is directly linked to the number of eyeballs you command,

and often the people who do command such power are the extremist; the Ghandis’, the Hitlers’, the Marilyn Monroes’, the Kim Kardashians’, the casanovas’.the worst place to be is in between, no one knows you.

“in show business, any publicity is good publicity”- PT BARNUM.


One of the things the Kardashians are extremely good at is banking on that name ‘Kardashian’, they’ve literally milked that name dry.

not too long ago netizens were shaming kylie for not making it “on her own” but through the help of her famous mom and whatnot,

who cares?!

sure not all of us have an already established name, rep, or resource to bank on from the onset, however, each of us has a hidden competitive advantage we were born into this world with.

Nevertheless, the thing with a competitive advantage to the public is that it doesn’t need to have any substance, in other words, it can be faked, or created.

generally speaking nothing in this world is actually truly valuable on its own, not gold, not silver, or the Monalisa painting.

what gives things its value or worth in this world is the value that humans have placed on it.

Did you hear the news of a gun which was used in a mass shooting now being worth thousands of dollars when it went on sale?

Classic example.

Know that this is not only limited to inanimate objects, once you understand this, you are on your way to creating your own exploitable advantage.

just keep in mind that people want what others want.

the more people want a particular thing, the more valuable it becomes.

value is an illusion.


Remember the night in Paris, anyone? one sex tape was enough to transform one formally obscure woman into a worldwide sensation.

In today’s world, Kim and controversies are synonymous.

While other people will try to avoid it as much as possible, mainly for the fear of criticism, one woman thrives on it.

The aim of creating controversies is not to get more people to bash you, so yes if you do people will talk, but you missing the hidden genius there, I mean why wouldn’t you, it’s so subtle.

The aim is to indirectly sell you and you to the public.

Drawing people’s attention is increasingly getting harder now our days as people are becoming more and more self-absorbed and isolated, there just isn’t enough mental space for more people other than ourselves, And let’s face it, 80%, if not more, of our thoughts on a daily basis circles around things that concerns us.

controversies, good, bad or ugly gets people talking, thinking and eventually earning you a space in people’s minds, and since the mind influences what we choose to pay attention to, you get people’s views, and money goes where the people are.


You must research and practice endlessly before appearing in public, on stage or anywhere else, but never expose the sweat behind your poise.

exposing your diligence and braw, in contrast to what most people currently think actually makes them look all too common, weak; just another mortal among others, as if anyone who practice hard and worked at it could do what they have done.

What is understandable and easily explained is not awe-inspiring.

one of the reasons we are fascinated by people like the great escape artist Houdini, even the Kardashians, believe it or not, is their ability to hide sweat, and appear all too natural and effortless, leaving the rest of us mortals wondering if they have been born under a unique star that only comes once in a millennium.

This common-sense principle has been around for as long as society has existed.

One of the classics is the Japanese tea ceremony called cha-no-yu (“hot water for tea”) which has its origins in ancient times but it reached its peak of refinement in the sixteenth century under its most refined practitioner, Sen no Rikyu, who although wasn’t from a noble family, roused to power and became the preferred tea master of the Emperor Hideyoshi and an important advisor on aesthetic and even political matters.

for Rikyu, the secret of success consisted of appearing natural, concealing the effort behind one’s work.

Nevertheless, this goes well beyond just craft, it can also be seen in physical appearance.

Even with the prevalence of cosmetic surgery, the average person who has had work done would never admit to it.

this is as it were before; the appearance of something natural, even if by accident is the ultimate height of beauty.

times may have changed, society evolved, but somethings about human nature, the hunger to experience or behold something divine, even if it is an illusion, never changes.


A star must stand out, and this must involve a certain dramatic flair, like Kim’s outfits or appearances at parties, you can sometimes even create a more hunting dreamlike effect through subtle touches like your vocal inflection,

a lot of people may not have noticed it but they really imitate the way Kim speaks, the deep cloudy and cracky form of speaking. I see it all the time, just listen to the way Kim speaks and compare it to a lot of women’s style of speaking, you’d be surprised of how many people imitate without even realizing it.

Never ignore even the most subtle of things, the way you smoke or hold a cigaret or even the way you walk, It is often the little things that get under people’s skin and make them want to imitate you.

Unconsciously we are strangely drawn to things that have no meaning beyond their fascinating appearance.

Stars make us want to know more about them, you must learn to stir people’s curiosity by letting them glimpse something into your private life otherwise unknown before, something that seems to reveal an element of your personality.

Your attraction must be unconscious, conveyed not in your words but your pose, your attitude.

Remember, people of your type will always gravitate to you, identify with you, share your joy or pain.

everyone is a public performer, people never really know exactly what you think or feel; they judge you based on your appearance.


The vast majority of people conform to whatever is normal for the time.

they play roles allotted to them.

conformity is constant because humans are social creatures who are always imitating one another.

At one point in history, it may be fashionable to be different and rebellious (like now), but if a lot of people are playing that same role, there is nothing different or rebellious about it.

the dandy displays a true and radical difference from other people, a difference of appearance and manner.

be different in ways that are both striking and aesthetic, but never vulgar;

poke fun at current trends and styles, go in a novel direction, and be supremely uninterested in what anyone else is doing, most people are insecure and they will wonder what you are up to and slowly they will come to admire and imitate you because you express yourself with total confidence.

just remember that there must be a reference point.

if your visual style is totally unfamiliar, people will think you are at best an obvious attention-getter, or at worst, crazy!

Instead, create your own fashion style by adopting and altering prevailing styles to make yourself an object of fascination.


Timidity is dangerous, better to enter with boldness.

Any mistakes you commit through audacity can easily be corrected with more audacity.

everyone admires the bold, no one honors the timid. timidity will infect people with awkward energy and illicit embarrassment.

know that the path of pleasure never leads to glory, audacity separates you from the herd, boldness gives you presence and makes you seem larger than life, it draws attention, and what draws attention draws power, we anxiously wait to see what will happen next.

understand that boldness is not natural, neither is timidity, it is an acquired habit picked up out of our desire to avoid conflicts, often the fear of the consequences of a bold action is always out of proportions to reality, when in fact the consequence of timidity is much more worse, your value is lowered and you create a self-fulfilling circle of doubt and disaster.


during the process of composing this article, I realized that these lessons have been around for as long as society has existed, and these lessons could be applied to areas much beyond the realm of public fame.

You can read the previous post which had inspired this one, there you will learn to create a public image that sells, in other words, personal branding.

I hope you find this article helpful in one way or the other,

until next time…

Blackpink’s Lisa edition; cringy kpop fans’ photoshops

When I was gathering the necessary information for my previous post, I came across some really, REALLY, disturbing photoshopped pictures of her (Lisa) made by thirsty fans, and without a doubt,

This has to be said!

Now, we all love Lisa Monobam, the Thai Kpop sensation. And with the rise of blackpink on the international entertainment arena, I think since 2015/2016, everyone who knows blackpink, knows Lisa.

Lisa is a combination of talent and great visuals! She oozes out feminine sexuality and the vibes of a queen B.

So because of this, it’s no surprise when people, especially teenagers constantly dream of becoming her, living her life, and identifying with her. It is meant to be that way because that’s the way Kpop was built.

The entire industry runs on manipulating the dreams, hopes and most of all, the insecurities of young naive people. Kpop sells you an imaginary friend if you are a pathetic loner, Kpop sells you an imaginary boyfriend/girlfriend, whichever one rocks your fancy, if you’ve got none.

It makes you dissatisfied with your reality by presenting you with an image of what could be, what should be, what you’re missing out on.

Then it presents itself as a source of pleasure, as a source of escape. For in your imagination, you are totally free, uninhabited, you could be anything you want, without being judged, without consequences. The perfect illusion.

But alas, once we’ve tested pleasure once, we’d want to have it again, back and front, back, and front, then we are obsessed.

This is the reason why we have what the South Koreans call, saesang fans.

But this saesang culture is taking a whole new turn on the internet, as people try their very best to create in actuality through the power of photoshop their rather pervasive desires.

Shipping couples together: how it all began

Two/three year’s back, there were a lot of rumors speculating that Blackpinks’ Lisa and BTS’s Jungkook had a thing going just because they took a picture together.

Let’s face it, Jungkook is really good looking, in my take he has one of the best visuals in the BTS boy band. Plus they had kind of looked good together in the snapshot.

But with the amount of photoshopped pictures out there, I don’t even know which one is authentic or not, but what I do know is that these two people are definitely not In any sort of relationship!


What pisses me off

I get that most celebrities thrive on the larger than life image they have successfully built up in the minds of the masses. But do we all have to be mindless zombies, absorbing everything they throw at us, and then hype it up beyond reasonable proportions?

These people are humans too, no matter how often we tend to forget, or blatantly ignore! They are not objects or cartoon characters in which we could do whatever the hell we want with because they have no mind or emotions of their own!

Do you know how annoying, even frustrating it can be when people ship you with some guy/girl you don’t even have a preference for just because they see you smile or had a brief chat with? It had happened to me too, and I know I’m not alone on this!

Then imagine it being done on a global scale, creating all these pictures, having it go viral? All because people are desperately looking for something to rant about.

I remember when Shawn Mendes had said in a fan interview that he liked the Disney t.v show “the wizard of Waverly Place”, then all of a sudden, fans started to say, Shawn was trying to give Selena Gomez a shout out. I mean come on!

When this happened to me, I had to completely cut contact with the guy I was being shipped with, we were mere acquaintances, but hearing what people started to say about us, it was just disgusting! I had it end it.

People need to learn to keep their fantasies and expectations to themselves.

In the case of Jung kook and Lisa, maybe the photo was mere happenstance or a PR stunt. Irrespective of the story behind the photo, if you do not hear shit from the horses’ mouth, shut your pie hole!

Take this as a life skill and lesson.