You won’t be throwing away the pasta water after this

Who would have thought that that murky looking water had more it than just a cordial friendship with the kitchen drainage? 🤷‍♀️

Cooking Italian pasta

Growing up watching my mom prepare pasta and tossing away the starchy pasta water every single time, I came to think that getting rid of the starch was a criterion in preparing flawless pasta dishes of any kind.

Some even believe that the starchy water contains all sorts of harmful food preservatives and whatnot, so by “parboiling” it, you would be removing a significant amount of the bads’, leaving only a glorious pasta dish behind!

What do with pasta water

But indeed, Italian grandmothers know best — they’ve been saving pasta water since spaghetti was a thing. That salty, murky water adds three things to pasta dishes: flavor, body, and cling. Let me explain how.

While your pasta boils in salted water it releases some starch (that explains the cloudiness), turning plain water into an unknown (until now) essential ingredient that acts as a unifier between pasta and its sauce.

Tricks to preparing pasta

Simple Cacio e Pepe (cheese and pepper pasta) would be lost without pasta water, which provides the body for the sauce and helps it cling to the pasta. The same is true for Aglio e olio, another humble pasta dish made with garlic and olive oil — it would be overly slick and oily without the addition of starchy pasta water to coax the oil into an emulsified sauce. Pesto and penne are united in a delicious friendship thanks to the binding powers of pasta water.

pesto and penne

Sometimes sauces like meat-packed Bolognese need a little thinning out after simmering for hours, and pasta water helps loosen and flavor it without sacrificing body. Creamy carbonara sauce cools quickly; the addition of pasta water will rescue it from clumping.


And pasta water can support your culinary creativity: remember it when you need to bring leftovers or random ingredients together into a harmonious pasta meal!

Pasta and sauce binding

In summary

  • pasta water acts as a unifier between the pasta and its sauce.
  • It acts as a binding agent (aka emulsifier) between added oils and pasta sauce.
  • It helps loosen and flavor thinning out Bolognese after simmering for hours.
  • It prevents dishes like creamy carbonara sauce from clumping after it cools.

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Never too late for a new new year’s resolution. On organization and getting my life together.

I can still remember making a search query on Google just a week ago about “how to create an obsession”, I was rather desperate, somewhat angry at myself for not having the wherewithal to chase after a goal or dream to the finish, I lacked ambitions. “Something must be special about them, maybe their brains are wired differently”, this was something I often say to myself anytime I spot someone either on television or in person going at whatever endeavors they set their heart to with so much gusto, pouring their entire being into their work. And then when I look at myself, and how short I fall of my own expectations and that of my family, I’d often say to myself “maybe I’ve got no purpose, you know, I was created without one”


Falling in and out on myself

The first half of this year has been a vicious circle fall ins’ and fall outs, with me changing plans quite faster than I did my clothes. It’s not that had no interests in life, no gifts, I’m a fairly good artist in my own right and my writing is not that bad, but then of the cause, when it comes to creative gifts, pointing out an artistic skill(s) only is quite a narrow way of describing creativity.

Creative organization techniques
Know thyself

I did have areas of interest that spark up that child-like feeling of awe in me that a lot of vocational experts (classical or pop) consider being the cornerstone of figuring out your inherent gifts and area of calling. But in my experience having such epiphany is not enough to actually follow through, most certainly is it not enough to actually make use of yourself, to actually bring forth anything substantial, emotions are simply not enough.

A cookie a day

As a 20-year-old, if there is one thing I have learned from life, it’s that the quality of your life, your experience of it, and what happens (or manifest itself) to you is at the sole mercy of your internal self; your paradigms (or beliefs), your thoughts and state of mind, and of cause, your shadow self and how well it has been integrated.


I often find myself saying to myself lately that “I’d rather spend $1000 to have my contexts(beliefs of what’s possible) expanded, than have my content(knowledge) filled”. Why? Because it doesn’t matter how much you know. If you think A and B can only do or mean so and so, your experience of life, the quality of it, and also what could be achieved by you will be severely stunted!

A cookie a day, what does that mean? It was an ideology I had coined from a fortune cookie, I concluded that if our ‘environment’ or our lives are in direct correlation to the state of our internal mind, then by changing my thought process, what I chose to pay attention to, how I chose to interpret my weaknesses or an unfortunate event as, or even simply what I chose to believe, I could drastically change my reality!


So what do I do? Well, it’s kind of a threefold approach,

  • Firstly, I’d recognize those limiting paradigms which no longer serves me, making efforts however small daily to override them.
  • Secondly, I’d put in conscious physical efforts into doing things differently. Become who I want to be by aligning my actions to the beliefs/ideas that I am trying to sell to myself.
  • Thirdly, acknowledge the fact that there will be days I will feel inadequate, there will be days I’ll fall ‘out of love’ with my ambitions and the process, the routine will eventually get stale and boring, and I will eventually hit a wall which will serve to remind me of how much work and improvement needs to be done.

Neither can be separated from the other, that was the mistake I had made at the beginning of 2020. Career woman: getting to the top 10% during and after the pandemic

Breaking the chain of mediocrity

Relying on motivation (emotions) to get you through is a sleek recipe for disaster, you need a plan, you need structures, you need organization!

Michelle McKinney Hammond once said in one of her books, I think it was in the ‘Diva principles®’ can’t really say I’ve read so much of her books. She said that the state of your physical environment, take the bedroom for an example, is a direct reflection of the state of your mind. And believe me, no truer words has ever been spoken especially when I myself is a living witness. 6 ways to keep the clutter out and your mind sane

Self help checklist

so what new revisions did I commit my heart to?

First I had to acknowledge the truth that I did have passions, I did have an “obsession”, it was was just buried deep by my self imposed limitations, a limitation that I had either choose to believe as it soothed my ego and excused my mediocrity, or that I had been given by other people because they were either insecure or their minds were too blocked to envision a new paradigm that could potentially shake the very foundations of what they thought could be possible for them, or in the world. TURN YOURSELF INTO AN OBJECT OF FETISH VALUE

change begins in the mind.

I had numerous talents and interests, as do everyone. what I needed was a structure to hold them all up together and a mindset creative enough to not only accomplish this in a way that would serve me, in a way that will be to my advantage highlighting my own uniqueness and individuality in the process, but also a mindset that is convinced that such a structure, however the combination that I chose to create is doable, no matter how unconventional it is.

I’d rather spend $1000 to have my context expanded than my content filled

What I’ve been up to

I know that I have to acknowledge the fact that life isn’t perfect and I have to rid myself of the toxic pop culture belief that says your passion shouldn’t feel like work, that your inborn talents would be disproportionately easy for you to perform and master at an A-Lister level overnight, that is bullshit!


Even geniuses practice, even geniuses hit a wall eventually.

I have finally made the decision to go after what interests me, sure I won’t be good at it at first, sure I’d fall flat on my face more often than I’d like for it to happen, but wouldn’t that be what makes the price even more valuable?

Writing helps to bring to light thoughts I never knew I had, I get to tap into my shadow self in the process, that’s priceless. I love the arts, or rather, I appreciate the arts; music (classical, RnB, country, Gospel inspired), architecture, paintings, and sculptures, performing arts like ballet and contemporary dance. As a gen Z born in late December of 1999, most people my age find my thoughts on pop culture being vulgar, lacking artistry, or meaning rather absurd.

Even my taste in fashion, aesthetics, home décor, and even food has also been a reflection of this. Maybe I’ve been influenced by my family and my dad’s conservative Briton upbringing. Honestly I’d never know.

I’ve acknowledged my fascination for the human body and all that affects it and I’ve decided to explore such fascination. I was indeed resistant to this and the fact that I know it may lead to a career in medicine.

My elder brother is a cardiovascular surgeon, my dad a retired doctor, so picking up medicine as well to me just seemed like copycat conformity to my rebellious youthful self, especially when my dad encourages it!

Nevertheless, at this point in my life, it is worth a try.

In conclusion

If you’ve read this far, I have to commend you because by the time this post goes live it’ll officially be one of the top longest articles on this site!

Nevertheless, if there is one thing you should take away from all of this is that, even though you probably have already thrown your new year’s resolution to the bin or faltered on it, it is still not too late to do something about it, I mean we still have 7 months till 2020 wraps up.


If you have been following through to your plans and have found it not to be serving you any longer, or you have met with a wall in any area of your life, this is the time to “take five” from you pursuit and difficulties and figure out a way around it or change course.

Keep one thing in mind though, people often suffer from problems relating more to indecision, mediocrity, a limiting set of beliefs, and doubts than they do have of rigidity.

Good luck! 💌

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On getting skinny legs and feminine calves; what I’ve learned

the legs are arguably one of the most important parts of the body, especially when it comes to living an active, productive life. Nevertheless, when it comes to physical attraction especially in females, after the face, legs come in second. This is why YouTube is plagued with an insurmountable number of videos dedicated to this one topic.

nevertheless, when it comes to slimming down the lower body, exercise only is not enough, especially when the legs are larger than “normal”, this could also not just be as a result of building excess muscles or just downright gaining weight from poor dietary choices, but rather an underlying medical condition. Depending on the severity of it, you may need to see a doctor.

Nevertheless, in today’s article, we would be looking at common causes of large calves and other possible causes for the appearance of the infamous cankles and what you could do about it at home.


from my own research, some of the causes of larger looking legs could include,

having more muscular-looking legs could be beautiful, but only when it is worn by the right body, and that is, a significantly taller person with long legs (take athletes for example), if that is not the case with you, it’ll only end up making your legs look shorter, and that is not aesthetically pleasing. (Well, that depends on your personal taste).

How to reduce calf muscles

Who shouldn’t be doing these leg workout if they want slender legs and rounder butt

nevertheless, based on the problems highlighted, this is what I have learned when it comes to creating the appearance of a slender looking legs which is thought to be more aesthetically pleasing by the vast majority of people.

How to reduce leg fat


What influences the size of your legs

Although there are numerous factors which potentially influence the appearance of your legs, genetics excluded, these factors could also play a significant role on their own, and these could include


Water retention (edema) and toxic build-ups (in lymph nodes)

according to medical news today,

Water, or fluid, retention occurs when there is a problem with one or more of the body’s mechanisms for maintaining fluid levels. The main symptoms are swelling and discomfort.

The circulatory system, the kidneys, the lymphatic system, hormonal factors, and other bodily systems all help maintain healthy fluid levels. If a problem arises with one or more of these systems, however, fluid retention — otherwise known as edema — can occur.


The human body uses a complex system to regulate its water levels. Hormonal factors, the cardiovascular system, the urinary system, the liver, and the kidneys all play a role. If there is a problem with any one of these parts, the body may not be able to expel fluid as it should. Edema could affect any area of the body.

How to reduce swelling in the legs

What causes edema?

Edema could be caused by various factors, some of which may include

  • capillary damage:

Capillaries are tiny blood vessels with a key role in managing fluid balance in the body. Some medications, such as those for high blood pressure, can cause damage to the capillaries.

Capillaries deliver fluid to surrounding tissues. This fluid, called interstitial fluid, supplies nutrients and oxygen to cells. After delivering the nutrients, the fluid returns to the capillaries.

  • congestive heart failure:

The pumping action of the heart helps maintain normal pressure within the blood vessels. If a person’s heart stops working effectively, their blood pressure will change. Fluid retention can arise from this.

There may be swelling in the legs, feet, and ankles, as well as fluid in the lungs, which can result in a long-term cough or breathing difficulties.

  • kidney issues:

The kidneys filter the blood and help maintain fluid levels in the body.

Waste, fluids, and other substances pass into tiny tubules in the kidneys, which act as a filter. The bloodstream reabsorbs anything the body can reuse and removes the waste in urine.

If the kidneys do not work properly, they cannot remove waste material, including fluids and sodium. The fluid will therefore stay in the body.

  • Pregnancy.

The lymphatic system

The lymphatic system carries lymph through the body. Lymph is a fluid that contains white blood cells. It helps the immune system defend the body against infection. As the lymphatic system delivers and reabsorbs lymphatic fluid, it also helps the body maintain fluid balance.

If a problem prevents the lymphatic system from working properly, fluid can start to build up around the tissues. This can cause swelling in various parts of the body, including the abdomen, ankles, legs, and feet. Various massage techniques have been created to manually help with the flow of the lymphatic system, consequently helping to reduce the size of your legs significantly, I’ll be sharing some of these in my upcoming posts.

Exercises to reduce leg fat

Cortisol and exercise

Cortisol is a hormone that belongs to a family of steroid hormones known as glucocorticoids. It’s secreted by the adrenal cortex, which is located in your adrenal glands that sit atop your kidneys. Cortisol is the main glucocorticoid in humans.

Glucocorticoids affect every cell in the body so needless to say, they’re pretty important.

Cortisol is often referred to as the ‘Stress Hormone’. Nevertheless, it is produced naturally throughout the day and is released in greater amounts as a response to stress be it when you’re working out, or when you haven’t slept in days because you are trying to meet a project deadline, or just grudgingly standing for hours on the queue.

The adrenal gland is where Cortisol is produced and released by the body in varying levels throughout the day. Cortisol levels are generally higher in the mornings and lower at night time as the amount of Cortisol released drops throughout the day, and that is, of course, only if your body doesn’t release more Cortisol at night as a reaction to chronic stress.

Exercising for an extended period of time, especially with weights without adequate breaks and stretches in between can cause you to gain explosive muscles. Of course, this could be a good thing if you are working on glutes, but not so much when the legs are the focal point. See Who shouldn’t be doing these leg workout if they want slender legs and rounder butt

How to get Korean slim legs

What you can do about it

to keep this post brief, as people’s attention span keeps dropping at an alarming rate every year, subsequent posts will be created to elaborate on various possible solutions. Bear in mind that these tips are not meant to diagnose, treat, and cure any medical issues, please consult a certified doctor for that 😊. So with that out of the way, here are some bullet tips.


On exercise

  • Increase the time between each workout repetition and possibly shorten how many sets you do per training. If you want to work out for 30 minutes, break down the time.
  • Try training using your own bodyweight, then you can slowly creep up the weights.
  • Stretch, before a workout, and after most especially.
  • Try Pilates and Yoga, these are great for lengthening and toning up the legs without the risks of bulking. Ballet inspired workout is my current favorite!

On water retention and the lymphatic system

  • Massage Therapy, this is arguably a holy grail tip. I’ll sharing my knowledge in upcoming posts.
  • Try moving around a bit and resist the urge to be a damn couch potato! 🥔 you need to get your body’s blood and fuel moving. Get up and move around a bit after sitting or standing for too long.
  • Give the herbs some try, dandelion extracts have been known to be of great value.

On obesity and inactivity

Honestly, I’m kind of getting tired of this topic, at some point, it just seems like ranting, but since this trend does not show any sign of slowing down, this and also the fact that I am a pre-med with an interest in the field of endocrinology (go Hopkins! 🤘), I’ve got to suck it up. So here are some quick tips

  • Watch your damn diet and nutrition, calorie in, calorie out, does not work especially when you’re carb-loading!
  • don’t just focus on weight loss, larger legs (especially edema) is caused by malnutrition. And no, taking supplements is not enough, eat your damn veggies for Pete’s sake! 🍶🥦🥕🍅🍓
  • Watch the sodium, but watch the sugar even closer. 🧐
  • Move your butt, not just because it kills the calories, but because your poor heart and lymphatic system need it.

So that’s that about that, I hope this post was brief, but most especially, I hope you understood it. Let me know in the comments section below your questions and thoughts on this. 👌

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Career girl: getting to the top 10% of the industry

The rise and spread of the COVID-19 will forever remain the most significant event of the 21st century, as it cripples not only the health sectors and institutions at large but also economies. Some experts have already predicted that if the pandemic is not placed under control soon enough, a global recession is inevitable.

Nevertheless, as people are losing their jobs to the pandemic, and individuals and households become financially helpless, I foresee the worst is yet to come, and the true brunt of it all would be felt after the pandemic has exhausted its stay.


With the rapid globalization and the virtual blurring of borders, job security is a stone-age terminology. Whether directly or indirectly, we are all competing against some ‘guy’ or company somewhere else in the world, making it doubly hard to have a secure spot especially when you are in the overcrowded middle (or average) tier of work excellence and distinction.

I wasn’t planning at first to make a post like this one, in fact, it had just been a study I had made on how to get to the ranks of the top 10% who make 90% of the money in the modeling industry which is known for being highly volatile and without much leverage.

Sonia adeka

Today, nevertheless, I plan on sharing with you my observations on what it takes to build a competitive advantage in whatever industry or line of work you’re in to ensure you have more leverage to stay secure and thrive irrespective of the economic circumstances that may arise.

Defining what an unfair advantage is

I learned that you have to establish yourself in an area where there is no one else, then you have to create a need for yourself, build yourself up. While their empire (other people) goes on, slowly without realizing it, build your own little fortress. And all of a sudden it’s too late for them to do anything about it

Arnold Schwarzenegger

You can think of an unfair advantage like a diamond, at first, it is a rough, unattractive, dirty stone hidden below the surface of the earth, in very hard to, sometimes dangerous areas to get to, but as a polished gem, they can be very valuable.


Unfair advantage attracts the money, it attracts the best positions, it is what allows people to become icons in their fields.

Every person, especially those new to a field and is determined to get ahead must, first of all, determine the key issues surrounding success, as well as the general discontent or loopholes in their fields and then build themselves and strategize around those issues.

How can people, especially newbies handle the complexity of such a task? Simplify things, only do things you have to be good at, only do things you are good at!

As the world rapidly shifts from traditional society, more and more women need to take on a more active role on issues that concerns their finances, comfort, and independence in life. Gone are the days when women or anyone at all wishes to depend on a spouse, institution, or government for sustenance and protection especially when their goal is to live an affluent life.

Personal Finance for women
every woman deserves a bit of luxury.
Image copyright of the owner

When it comes to creating a competitive advantage, the goal is to be differentiable, with a commitment to eliminating everything from your core competencies that do not let you stand out, focus on what you do best, then seek the aid of people who do best what you are deficient in.

In today’s world, the gold medal always goes to those who are excellent team players, Masters of networking. Also, see How to climb a social ladder: the rules


The art of creating a competitive advantage

A competitive advantage is a unique and consistent difference in the product you produce and/or the services you render based on your capabilities in delivering superior value to people over long periods of time. It is a unique collection of resources, both mental and physical used to deliver so much appeal to people that they rush to buy, support, or engage with whatever it is that you are “selling” while your competitors wilt in an attempt to leapfrog or keep up with you. LEARNING THE SINISTER ARTS OF FAME FROM THE MODERN MASTERS

What makes a competitive advantage

there are several factors which make up a good competitive advantage, all of which should be uniquely positioned to suit your needs and advantage. The tasks of figuring out what makes us stand out from the crowd should be a lifelong undertaking as only through that do we really become of use to ourselves , society, and field in general. This is our life’s mission.

So what are the building blocks of a good competitive advantage?


It must be unique to you

In other words, it must be something natural to you, before you even begin to have an edge in any field of study, it must be something you are naturally inclined to do. No matter what field or goal you have set yourself up to, you need consistency, attention to detail, and a good nose to be able to sniff out upcoming changes or trends that could potentially influence the future of your field of focus. This is the rule of thumb.

The road to failure, average, or exceptional starts with doing what is most natural to you, be it unconventional. People will come to recognize your difference immediately. Whatever you chose to put together to construct a self, public image, service, or product, must be unique, not just a little different.

Uniqueness is mandatory.

Competitive public image

It must be hard to duplicate

You can rest assured that as soon as your ideas and what you offer is proven to be successful, a herd of “me-too” copycats would rush in like a stampeding herd to follow you, turning whatever you’ve created into a commodity that people cannot differentiate. You don’t want just anyone to be able to do what you do, this is why you must stick to what you naturally do best! Also, see how to TURN YOURSELF INTO AN OBJECT OF FETISH VALUE

It must be distinguishable

If what you do is very much like others, you would have to work doubly hard to get ahead and build an unfair advantage. Just as how you have to strive to keep the initiative, you can not be a copycat yourself, even if it is tempting to copy what other people have successfully done. Focus on finding where you bring value and fame and fortune will find you. “Like a diamond in a rough” remember.


It must be relative in comparison to other people (or competitors)

Practice and become especially skilled at comparing yourself, your team, work, public image, and ideas to other people in your industry. Why? Two reasons

  • what you do will always be compared to other people, general industry and social standards, technology, and so on. Whatever advantage you have is always relative. It is not absolute. People generally do not like change as it involves risks and danger. Personal and professional.
  • A healthy relative comparison skill will help you spot your weaknesses and where you need to improve, it gives you a base standard to aim for.

of course, an unfair advantage is much more than just talents and skillsets, after all, there are numerous talented people all over the world who never get discovered, who are underrated, and live in financial misery. And no one wants that!

We all want to be recognized for our work, sure, not everyone wants to be a “billionaire”, but we all want to be able to afford the finest things of life whenever we like, and not have to worry about the price tag.

Career  competitive advantage

So consequently, I would be releasing series of articles related to this topic.

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“Holy Grail” TULA probiotic oil-free gel-cream lightweight face moisturizer. $48.00

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The Korean S-bodyline diet for people with stubborn lower body fat!

When it comes to achieving that coveted “body goal“, the lower body always proves to be the area of the greatest challenge for most people, most especially when you are still far from hitting menopause. During this period, your lower body, that is, the thighs and butt, is your body’s primary place for fat storage.


Today, I will be making yet another sequel post after reading one of my antisocial tomato reader’s comments on How to get the Korean S bodyline. I decided I needed to make a follow-up post to customize what had been said to a much specific group of people with a similar problem.

To be honest, coming up with the content for this post was rather exciting for me as I do face similar challenges when it comes to losing lower body fat. Over the past year, I had gone through a decent amount of trial and error phases, which is why I think it’s safe to say that I am now somewhat of a master at this field of knowledge, mastering not only the science behind lower body weight gain, but also the right mindset and approach needed to tackle this case.


Key culprits to lower body weight gain

While the most obvious factor responsible for more fat deposits in this area of the body is clearly hormones, more specifically, estrogen and then genetics. There are still other potent (if not equally potent) factors that can cause you to be “bigger” around that region. This could include,

A Sugar/high carb diet

In my opinion, this is practically the biggest culprit to excess lower body fat! In my previous blog post, how fat enters and leaves the body, I shed a little bit of light on the detriments of a carb-loaded diet on women, especially those who are more carb sensitive, with the mesomorph body type being the classic model.

When it comes to weight gain, depending on your level of tolerance, carbohydrates acts as a gaslight. The higher the glycemic index of it, the more fuel power you’ve got, even if you are on a caloric deficit! It’ll scare you to know that fat cells, just like cancer cells, operate independently on their own to the rest of the body.


Why the calorie in, calorie out idea does not work especially in the long run, is primarily as a result of a little hormone called insulin. Insulin on its part does not care much about how much energy comes into the body in the form of food, all it cares about is the amount of sugar/glucose present in the bloodstream. So the moment a well enough spike occurs, it will signal to the fat cells, “store up we’ve got plenty!”

Mesomorphs are mesomorphs because they are more insulin resistant.

A diet high in sodium

While sodium (salt) may not cause fat gains, it does increase your body’s level of water retention, and it’s not in a good way!

Sodium acts like a sponge in the body, soaking up moisture from your body, which also causes you to thirst more, I mean, why won’t you? You’re dehydrated!

With more water being retained, obviously, the aftermath would be a lager looking body. I often like to assert that “people are not as fat as they think”, and this very much applies to this circumstance!

An overly developed thigh muscles

Not too long ago, I made a post on who shouldn’t be doing certain exercises if they want slimmer thighs, one of the major issues, however, least talked about is an overly muscular lower body, which is more prevalent on people who are into high-intensity sports that require brief yet powerful movement such as power gymnastics, fencing, etc. Going too hard on the weights for an extended period of time also produces similar results with bodybuilders being an extreme case.

I made a post on how to tackle the issue of excess bulking in a previous post, so you can go check it out.

Keys to getting rid of lower body fat on thighs

Summing it up in an overly simplified manner; you need to do the opposite of factors that had caused the problem in the first place to fix the problem!

Nevertheless, I’d break it down a bit. This is what I had done to cut down the amount of fat I had accumulated from bad diet choices and a poor lifestyle.

  • I cut down the amount of carbohydrates I ate from God-knows-what-grams to 50grams per day and below. I do not recommend the keto diet as it is too restrictive and you would also be cutting out a host of other essential nutrients by such dietary restrictions.
  • since practically every food you eat would cause some level of insulin spikes, I adopted an 18/6 intermittent fasting style. Doing this would speed up progress exponentially.
  • You should keep a very close eye on your sodium intake especially when you consume any food or condiments made in a factory. Sprinkling extra salt on your food should also be a habit that should either be controlled or stopped completely. Your blood pressure will thank you for that!
  • depending on your body type, the kind of work out you should be doing should be tailored carefully to how your body will likely respond to it. This should be ever so critical for people who have a very high susceptibility to bulking up muscles because of the high level of HGH (human growth hormone) they naturally produce or inject.
  • I also found out that jump roping helps tremendously with trimming down the lower body, you could turn it into a fun game, seeing how far you can go in each stretch without stripping on the ropes.
  • Last but not least, you should also learn to give yourself and body a little bit of break, fat loss takes time, so when you’re working out and building muscles in the process, you may look ‘bigger’ but that okay, you shouldn’t give up at the first sign of an increased measurement.
This should sum up my point

Now to round up this post with some super awkward before and after pics of me after 1 week of keeping to this advice



Since this is still an ongoing project at the moment, I’ll be uploading the final results by the end of the month.


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