Doesn’t matter if you’re a fan or not, doesn’t matter if you think that they are just some bunch of idiotic overly glorified modern-day courtesans, their impact on our present-day society is felt worldwide!

I mean these women are literally praised for doing absolutely nothing,


A lot of people are either too busy being consumed by their detest for them, or their cult-like worship of them that they fail to see the genius behind their climb to world-wide fame,

now while I’m not a fan of the Kardashians; I don’t like them, and I don’t hate them either, I just don’t care as much to consider myself a fan.

None the less, their wit is something I cannot ignore, so in this article, I’m going to share with you critical lessons I have come to learn by closely looking at what makes the Kardashians, well, Kardashians to the public.

it doesn’t matter if your audience is small or large, these lessons are pretty much applicable, some even universal. This means It can also be applied by anyone.

so without further ado…….




No one likes the timid, you’re either hot or cold, and I’m not talking about the sexual appeal.

however, this is easier said than done, especially with the rate of prudery among people.

the modern-day prude are those who are excessively concerned with the standard of fairness, political sensitivity, or tastefulness.

They tend to wear drab clothes and certainly never take any fashion risk.

they can be very judgmental and critical of people who do take risks and are less correct.

However, beneath all those facades that sometimes just seems like a “holier than thou” show

You could even find them online as trolls, even haters.

one of the main reasons the Kardashians still remain in the spotlight is because of the pool of prudes tailing them, you need to understand that fame, money or power is directly linked to the number of eyeballs you command,

and often the people who do command such power are the extremist; the Ghandis’, the Hitlers’, the Marilyn Monroes’, the Kim Kardashians’, the casanovas’.the worst place to be is in between, no one knows you.

“in show business, any publicity is good publicity”- PT BARNUM.


One of the things the Kardashians are extremely good at is banking on that name ‘Kardashian’, they’ve literally milked that name dry.

not too long ago netizens were shaming kylie for not making it “on her own” but through the help of her famous mom and whatnot,

who cares?!

sure not all of us have an already established name, rep, or resource to bank on from the onset, however, each of us has a hidden competitive advantage we were born into this world with.

Nevertheless, the thing with a competitive advantage to the public is that it doesn’t need to have any substance, in other words, it can be faked, or created.

generally speaking nothing in this world is actually truly valuable on its own, not gold, not silver, or the Monalisa painting.

what gives things its value or worth in this world is the value that humans have placed on it.

Did you hear the news of a gun which was used in a mass shooting now being worth thousands of dollars when it went on sale?

Classic example.

Know that this is not only limited to inanimate objects, once you understand this, you are on your way to creating your own exploitable advantage.

just keep in mind that people want what others want.

the more people want a particular thing, the more valuable it becomes.

value is an illusion.


Remember the night in Paris, anyone? one sex tape was enough to transform one formally obscure woman into a worldwide sensation.

In today’s world, Kim and controversies are synonymous.

While other people will try to avoid it as much as possible, mainly for the fear of criticism, one woman thrives on it.

The aim of creating controversies is not to get more people to bash you, so yes if you do people will talk, but you missing the hidden genius there, I mean why wouldn’t you, it’s so subtle.

The aim is to indirectly sell you and you to the public.

Drawing people’s attention is increasingly getting harder now our days as people are becoming more and more self-absorbed and isolated, there just isn’t enough mental space for more people other than ourselves, And let’s face it, 80%, if not more, of our thoughts on a daily basis circles around things that concerns us.

controversies, good, bad or ugly gets people talking, thinking and eventually earning you a space in people’s minds, and since the mind influences what we choose to pay attention to, you get people’s views, and money goes where the people are.


You must research and practice endlessly before appearing in public, on stage or anywhere else, but never expose the sweat behind your poise.

exposing your diligence and braw, in contrast to what most people currently think actually makes them look all too common, weak; just another mortal among others, as if anyone who practice hard and worked at it could do what they have done.

What is understandable and easily explained is not awe-inspiring.

one of the reasons we are fascinated by people like the great escape artist Houdini, even the Kardashians, believe it or not, is their ability to hide sweat, and appear all too natural and effortless, leaving the rest of us mortals wondering if they have been born under a unique star that only comes once in a millennium.

This common-sense principle has been around for as long as society has existed.

One of the classics is the Japanese tea ceremony called cha-no-yu (“hot water for tea”) which has its origins in ancient times but it reached its peak of refinement in the sixteenth century under its most refined practitioner, Sen no Rikyu, who although wasn’t from a noble family, roused to power and became the preferred tea master of the Emperor Hideyoshi and an important advisor on aesthetic and even political matters.

for Rikyu, the secret of success consisted of appearing natural, concealing the effort behind one’s work.

Nevertheless, this goes well beyond just craft, it can also be seen in physical appearance.

Even with the prevalence of cosmetic surgery, the average person who has had work done would never admit to it.

this is as it were before; the appearance of something natural, even if by accident is the ultimate height of beauty.

times may have changed, society evolved, but somethings about human nature, the hunger to experience or behold something divine, even if it is an illusion, never changes.


A star must stand out, and this must involve a certain dramatic flair, like Kim’s outfits or appearances at parties, you can sometimes even create a more hunting dreamlike effect through subtle touches like your vocal inflection,

a lot of people may not have noticed it but they really imitate the way Kim speaks, the deep cloudy and cracky form of speaking. I see it all the time, just listen to the way Kim speaks and compare it to a lot of women’s style of speaking, you’d be surprised of how many people imitate without even realizing it.

Never ignore even the most subtle of things, the way you smoke or hold a cigaret or even the way you walk, It is often the little things that get under people’s skin and make them want to imitate you.

Unconsciously we are strangely drawn to things that have no meaning beyond their fascinating appearance.

Stars make us want to know more about them, you must learn to stir people’s curiosity by letting them glimpse something into your private life otherwise unknown before, something that seems to reveal an element of your personality.

Your attraction must be unconscious, conveyed not in your words but your pose, your attitude.

Remember, people of your type will always gravitate to you, identify with you, share your joy or pain.

everyone is a public performer, people never really know exactly what you think or feel; they judge you based on your appearance.


The vast majority of people conform to whatever is normal for the time.

they play roles allotted to them.

conformity is constant because humans are social creatures who are always imitating one another.

At one point in history, it may be fashionable to be different and rebellious (like now), but if a lot of people are playing that same role, there is nothing different or rebellious about it.

the dandy displays a true and radical difference from other people, a difference of appearance and manner.

be different in ways that are both striking and aesthetic, but never vulgar;

poke fun at current trends and styles, go in a novel direction, and be supremely uninterested in what anyone else is doing, most people are insecure and they will wonder what you are up to and slowly they will come to admire and imitate you because you express yourself with total confidence.

just remember that there must be a reference point.

if your visual style is totally unfamiliar, people will think you are at best an obvious attention-getter, or at worst, crazy!

Instead, create your own fashion style by adopting and altering prevailing styles to make yourself an object of fascination.


Timidity is dangerous, better to enter with boldness.

Any mistakes you commit through audacity can easily be corrected with more audacity.

everyone admires the bold, no one honors the timid. timidity will infect people with awkward energy and illicit embarrassment.

know that the path of pleasure never leads to glory, audacity separates you from the herd, boldness gives you presence and makes you seem larger than life, it draws attention, and what draws attention draws power, we anxiously wait to see what will happen next.

understand that boldness is not natural, neither is timidity, it is an acquired habit picked up out of our desire to avoid conflicts, often the fear of the consequences of a bold action is always out of proportions to reality, when in fact the consequence of timidity is much more worse, your value is lowered and you create a self-fulfilling circle of doubt and disaster.


during the process of composing this article, I realized that these lessons have been around for as long as society has existed, and these lessons could be applied to areas much beyond the realm of public fame.

You can read the previous post which had inspired this one, there you will learn to create a public image that sells, in other words, personal branding.

I hope you find this article helpful in one way or the other,

until next time…

Blackpink’s Lisa edition; cringy kpop fans’ photoshops

When I was gathering the necessary information for my previous post, I came across some really, REALLY, disturbing photoshopped pictures of her (Lisa) made by thirsty fans, and without a doubt,

This has to be said!

Now, we all love Lisa Monobam, the Thai Kpop sensation. And with the rise of blackpink on the international entertainment arena, I think since 2015/2016, everyone who knows blackpink, knows Lisa.

Lisa is a combination of talent and great visuals! She oozes out feminine sexuality and the vibes of a queen B.

So because of this, it’s no surprise when people, especially teenagers constantly dream of becoming her, living her life, and identifying with her. It is meant to be that way because that’s the way Kpop was built.

The entire industry runs on manipulating the dreams, hopes and most of all, the insecurities of young naive people. Kpop sells you an imaginary friend if you are a pathetic loner, Kpop sells you an imaginary boyfriend/girlfriend, whichever one rocks your fancy, if you’ve got none.

It makes you dissatisfied with your reality by presenting you with an image of what could be, what should be, what you’re missing out on.

Then it presents itself as a source of pleasure, as a source of escape. For in your imagination, you are totally free, uninhabited, you could be anything you want, without being judged, without consequences. The perfect illusion.

But alas, once we’ve tested pleasure once, we’d want to have it again, back and front, back, and front, then we are obsessed.

This is the reason why we have what the South Koreans call, saesang fans.

But this saesang culture is taking a whole new turn on the internet, as people try their very best to create in actuality through the power of photoshop their rather pervasive desires.

Shipping couples together: how it all began

Two/three year’s back, there were a lot of rumors speculating that Blackpinks’ Lisa and BTS’s Jungkook had a thing going just because they took a picture together.

Let’s face it, Jungkook is really good looking, in my take he has one of the best visuals in the BTS boy band. Plus they had kind of looked good together in the snapshot.

But with the amount of photoshopped pictures out there, I don’t even know which one is authentic or not, but what I do know is that these two people are definitely not In any sort of relationship!


What pisses me off

I get that most celebrities thrive on the larger than life image they have successfully built up in the minds of the masses. But do we all have to be mindless zombies, absorbing everything they throw at us, and then hype it up beyond reasonable proportions?

These people are humans too, no matter how often we tend to forget, or blatantly ignore! They are not objects or cartoon characters in which we could do whatever the hell we want with because they have no mind or emotions of their own!

Do you know how annoying, even frustrating it can be when people ship you with some guy/girl you don’t even have a preference for just because they see you smile or had a brief chat with? It had happened to me too, and I know I’m not alone on this!

Then imagine it being done on a global scale, creating all these pictures, having it go viral? All because people are desperately looking for something to rant about.

I remember when Shawn Mendes had said in a fan interview that he liked the Disney t.v show “the wizard of Waverly Place”, then all of a sudden, fans started to say, Shawn was trying to give Selena Gomez a shout out. I mean come on!

When this happened to me, I had to completely cut contact with the guy I was being shipped with, we were mere acquaintances, but hearing what people started to say about us, it was just disgusting! I had it end it.

People need to learn to keep their fantasies and expectations to themselves.

In the case of Jung kook and Lisa, maybe the photo was mere happenstance or a PR stunt. Irrespective of the story behind the photo, if you do not hear shit from the horses’ mouth, shut your pie hole!

Take this as a life skill and lesson.

Getting fit the Kpop way; the ideal legs!

Here I go with another South Korea inspired post ai?😏

I’ve been having a little bit of writer’s block this past few days, but today I just remembered the images of some of the women in the Kpop music videos I had watched a while back and I remember saying to myself, “damn, those girls got some legs!”

Female kpop idol legs

So today, I decided to write a post on how those girls manage to pull off such an amazing leg visuals.

Kpop idol leg workout

Do you know the Kpop world has an ideal leg measurement that is considered the epitome of camera visual appeal?

This golden leg measurement was made popular by YG entertainment a couple of years back and has since then gotten widespread vogue in the industry.


What is the golden leg measurement?

(in inches) 50-30-20! or 5-3-2

The 5-3-2 measurement

This means the thickest part of your thighs should be measured at 50, the thickest part of your calf’s should be measured at 30, and lastly, the thinnest part of your ankle should be measured at 20.


The 5-3-2 kpop idol leg workout

The workout routine I’m going to be sharing today was made popular by girls generations’ Tiffany Young.

Tiffany young leg workout

Together with South Korean celebrity fitness trainer, they have come up with a highly effective, easy routine you could do while standing.


I think one of the reasons I like this workout is that it can be done without any fancy equipment, it’s convenient to perform, yet none bulking.

The only challenge, however, would be discipline and consistency in getting the work done.🙄

You could do five to ten sets of each exercise, two, maybe three times a day depending on how fast you want to get results. But if you are prone to bulking, like my darling mesomorphs, I’d advise you not to push it too much with the reps in order not to gain unnecessary muscular look to your legs.


So what is the workout routine?


Exercise one: jumping jacks

This helps stimulate the entire lower body, especially the ankles and inner thighs. 4 repetitions equals one set.

Jumping jacks

Exercise two: forward kicks

4 repetition for each leg equals one set

Forward kicks

This exercise stimulates the ankles and the back of your calf

Exercise three: diagonal kicks

4 repetition for each leg equals one set.

Diagonal kicks

This exercise stimulate your pelvis and inner thighs

Exercise four: knee raises

4 repetition for each leg equals one set

Knee raises

To watch the YouTube video for this workout, use the link below


but if you want to stick around and read more blog posts like this on our site, you can start with How to get the Korean S-bodyline. Bless!

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Ninokuni: the next binge-worthy anime series?

Maybe I’m too old but I just recently started watching Netflix, I’ve been seeing ads on YouTube for it, been hearing people talk about the series or movies they’ve been watching on that platform too, but I didn’t bother checking it out till last year’s December.

I’ve been contemplating adding to my lifestyle blog entertainment talks, especially about movies and series for a long time now, so today I decided “what the hell, I’m just going to go for it”, and I did.

This blog post officially would mark the antisocial tomato’s debut into the entertainment news world.

After seeing the trailer for this series on Netflix today, I knew just have to talk about it!

The storyline had me hooked almost immediately.

The Nino Kuni storyline

Two average teen goes on a magical quest to save their friend and her counterpart from another world, but love complicates their journey…..

High school students; Yu, Haru, and, Kotana have been friends for almost all their lives, they were the best of friends, rather inseparable.

From the right; kotana(girl), Yu and Haru(boys)

One day, a child falls unconscious on a busy road, and Kotana rushes to the rescue to get the child’s body off the before it gets crushed, but unbeknownst to Kotana, there was a truck heading her way already,

Moments from being crushed along with the child, Haru rushes over to get them out of the way. Yu, who was subjected to the wheelchair quickly follows along trying to catch up with Haru who was presumably rushing to his death.

Yu manage to pull Haru out of the way, but Kotana?

All goes blank.

Continue reading “Ninokuni: the next binge-worthy anime series?”

GOO HARA @28: Another Kpop Idol found dead!

by 9:00 GMT the Kpop Idol from now-disbanded KARA was found dead in her apartment, although the Gangnam police department is still yet to find the cause of death, most people on the net are already speculating suicide. earlier this year in May, the singer and actress had attempted suicide after series of comeback performances where she was found unconscious by her manager. Her last Twitter post before her death showed her in her bed with the caption “goodnight”.

Goo Hara South Korean singer

A lot of her fans were shocked by the outcome of events, I mean, her first solo EP was released in 2015 which peaked at number four in the Korean music charts, She had signed with a talent management agency in Japan in June and released a song named Midnight Queen earlier this month. one could say she was pretty much-having things “going” for her right?

Kpop suicide scandals

it is no new news that the Kpop industry has the highest rate of suicide in any entertainment industry in the world, not too far back this year, Sulli another hotshot Kcelebrity had pretty much expired herself as a result of extreme cyberbullying by South Korea’s “anti-fans”.

Sulli South Korean actress

the Kpop world is a tough and lonely place, and the rate of suicide and mental illness of the celebrities in this industry only screams itself as a symptom of a much more chronic issue that needs to be addressed in the south Korean entertainment industry and society!

from the age of 10 kids are being scouted by entertainment agencies and being placed in “idol schools” where they train 6+ hours every day, six days a week while keeping a strict diet to get a chance to debut as either a singer, dancer or rapper in a group. they then spend most of the start of their career (sometimes their entire career) subject to a slave contract making little to nothing as profit is being shared 90-10, with most of the money they make goes into paying back the debt they had accumulated during their trainee years.

when you have your entire life at the mercy of either your agency which controls every aspect of your life, from your public image, to what you say, what you do, where you go, who you contact, what you eat, and who you date (if you were ever allowed to), then you mix all that up with the public’s need for you to maintain an inhuman level of perfection, you start to understand why a lot if this people are troubled irrespective of the glamorous, happy front the present to the public.

Goo Hara from Kara South Korean girl group

I just hope the South Korean government and the public would join hands together in unison to finally address this issue before another innocent victim decides to take a stroll to the other side!