your body is actually dumber than you think, it can’t tell whats good for it, it’ll crave whatever you give it…….

Making a diet transition is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do when you’re trying to make some lifestyle changes, especially when you’ve been used to eating a certain way for ages. Especially when you’ve been pretty much just stuffing down whatever edible thing you could get your hands on…..been there done that.

Changing bad eating habits

I personally have tried an untold number of diets, I tried everything I could get my hands on (thanks to Pinterest). however I’ve never been able to get it past the first quatre, often I’m back to where it began, the only difference then would be that I felt even more of a loser afterward.

Fixing unsuccessful diets

I had often wondered why I wasn’t able to stick to it, what influenced me to drop off?, I realized that for every diet I had ever tried or came across, fad or not. Most of them tend to have some things in common; they encourage radical shift in diet styles, a one size fits all ideology, and although they tell what you should and should not eat (sadly in agonizing details), they never really guide you on how to prepare for such transition, nor even the steps you need to make to achieve your desired result, and that is, a totally long term diet change.

Change bad eating habits
And not the type in which you keep only to revert back to the same old patterns that had caused you the initial mess once you had reached your goals.

Irrespective of your motive towards a diet change, whether to shed some pounds or to be healthy, if you are any oblivious as I was it kinder gets frustrating. “so how are this changes going to take place?” you might be wondering. well


Make preparations for a new diet

making preparations for a change of any kind is almost like building a house, you can’t prepare or make plans for anything if you do not know what you want the end result(s) to look like. more often than not, when a lot of people hear the word “diet” the first thing that often comes to mind will be a restrictive, monotonous, boring eating habits you adopt for a period of time (one week, two weeks, a month or so) to lose weight and get in shape. when people have this ideology towards diet and dieting especially to lose weight they tend to be victims to fad diets, unhealthy ones, the kind which results are very short-lived, and when they do get off, they’re back to where they began, doing the same thing that had got them into that position in the first place.

How to cut out bad food

So before you start your journey you need to know what exactly you want your future diet regimen to look like, what are your nutrition goals? what eating styles are you planning on adopting? what eating habit are you going to cut out?. it should be long term health-centered, it should be straight forward, and it should suit your body needs. here it will do you good to ignore the diets of your favorite idol or celeb if you do not do the exact same thing they do for a living; you do not need the same protein requirement as a world star athlete, if you only play on an amateur level, once you’ve got that straightened out the next step involves two stages

stage one: cut out the DON’TS

Removing bad food from diet

one of the reasons people find transitioning difficult is that they still have their old ‘baggage’ lying around. even if you haven’t yet set in place the tools you need to make the big move, you still need to make the first and most important rule, and that is to start taking out little by little the stuff you want out the very moment you decide that you are opting out for a change, don’t wait till you’ve started.

Diet plan pitfalls

believe me, a burger is going to look more attractive than a healthy salad if you are staring right at it before you ate your meal!

stage two: set in place the DO’S

Good diet habits

when you know the kind of diet style you plan on adopting, the next thing to do is to get in place the things you need to start and complete your mission, do you need to restock your pantry? what do you to stock it with? how much would it cost you?. here it will do you more good to have a meal plan that compliments your daily lifestyle, whatever you choose has to work with you, for you and not against you.

Cravings during diet


while a lot of diet plans requires you to make a radical cut off old ways and immediately replacing it with the new diet, I do encourage people to start small (but not too small) eliminating and replacing, paying attention to your body and not pushing it too far above it’s limit till you get to your desired goal.

you have to take to note that if your pace of change is too slow you’ll most likely fall off due to a lack of adequate challenge and a motivating pace. nevertheless, you have to keep it simple and steady.

making the change will not be easy, but if the change comes at a small steady pace your body will be less likely to react. the body you see is actually dummer than you think, it isn’t mentally ‘aware’ of what’s good for it, as it comes to crave the things that it has been continuously fed.

Binging during diet

I used to say, if you’re going to get addicted to something, you might as well get addicted to the good stuff😋. think of your body like a baby holding a knife, you don’t go on and yank it off his hand, offer him some sweet in exchange and he’ll gladly let go. Also, see THE SCIENCE OF GETTING SLIMMER LEGS AND A THIGH GAP


the best and most lasting changes occur over time.

before you start any journey make sure the tools you need to start and finish it are in place.

in order not slack off, immediately take off everything that might tempt you,

How to maintain a diet

if you plan on gradually weaning yourself off a certain food, you can stop yourself from eating above your set portion by pre placing the quantity you want to eat ahead of every mealtime and then putting the rest in a very uncomfortable and stressful location to get to. you could try your neighbor’s house.

I mostly keep a carnivore diet, however 30% fruits and veggies and 80% animal-based food. I also intermittent fast for 16 hours each day. that has been my weight loss, health, and maintenance strategy for months now. Here is my ‘after’ photo, although the quality is bad, I haven’t gotten the time lately to take a new one

Weight loss before and after
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So that’s all for today, wish you the best of luck👊👍