Today, the antisocial tomato could be said to be a blog dedicated to self-discovery, self-improvement, people and culture, creativity, as well as singlehood and originality. I also cover niche topics ranging from


a lot of the issues I chose to address are usually of those things of which I had battled with at some point in time, it is also a direct reflection of my tastes and interests.

in my beauty segment, I cover topics that deal with the issues of acne, blemishes control, anti-aging, and cosmetic treatments. With the ultimate goal of achieving flawless, dewy skin for all skin types!


I not only share my lifestyle, interest, and challenges but also those of other people who have made noticeable ‘success’ in their lives, this, however, is done through my shared interviews with these people and also my discoveries and analysis.

I do this with the aim of giving my readers not only as an invaluable resource they could use to not only improve and motivate themselves as they journey through life but also as an entertaining scoop on what it’s like in the lives of other people, from how they think, their struggles as well as their own unique approach to life.

People and culture

One of the things which fascinates me the most about life on earth, is the plethora of diverse people, culture, and their ever so unique perspective on life. This transcends the traditional society we all know, spilling into subcultures, countercultures, pop cultures from all over the world! It is reflected in the music, cuisines, fashion, art, nightlife, and people.

Not everyone can afford to travel the world in person and explore, although that should be one of the goals of every human being, you can nevertheless, join me virtually as I lead you through a memorable experience!