My day out and about plus an official face reveal!

Since the issuing of the lockdown and mandatory self-quarantine, I had barely stepped out of my house, most especially in the past three months.

To be honest, I did enjoy spending endless hours in my bedroom, it gave me time to really sit down and take stock of my life, it offered me the chance to catch up on my self-care. Nevertheless, I still had the internet and my blog to keep me busy throughout.

In terms of skincare, I did have my battles cut out for me, from trying to get rid of the acne scars I had accumulated throughout my teen years to my uneven skin tone due to sun exposure, and pimples which made it their life’s mission to torment my life!

nevertheless, with persistence, I was able to win (for now at least). I now am more comfortable going out or posting pictures barefaced.

I get some people who tell me I look younger than my age (I’m 20 by the way, going on 21 by December). But I don’t know.🙈🤷‍♀️

After the recent easing of the lockdown in the state I’m in, yesterday marked the first day of my reintroduction into the outside world again. I spent literally the entire day outside with my elder brother.

Heading out and about, a day in the life

Prior to the lockdown, I had been gifted a pair of Micheal Kors by my elder sister who works at the embassy, her husband is a politician currently serving in the house, I’m the youngest in my family.

Anyway, I figured what better way to celebrate the day, than by debuting a shoe I hadn’t worn yet!

I also made an effort to flex a little on those still stuck inside💃🏽

Life’s a bitch! 😹

Strutting down the streets yesterday towering at 6ft, I felt so confident and empowered, like a supermodel walking down the notorious runway of Milan and Paris. This was not because of the shoes per se, but because of my new found confidence gotten from self-acceptance and love. I seemed to relish it whenever I walked past someone and I tower over them. No longer was I insecure of my skinny body, the fact that I barely had any curves, and my butt looks like a deflated bread. I was satisfied with being taller (5’9) than the average woman (5’5).

Destination 1: the local pub

When we (my brother and I) left the house at noon, we didn’t really have a plan, we just took off full-on hermit mode!

after hours of randomly walking around town, we settled down at a local pub, there weren’t many people there, everyone sat at a distance which was great! I then decided to take up the noble role of the photographer of our little party.

Although an amateur, I did my best to capture good images, please do not think little of them😐

Though it was my first time visiting a place like this, one of the things I admire the most about this place was the lightening, and the setting, though I wasn’t allowed a drink (not particularly interested anyway), I could still sit and admire the environment and it’s energies!

I’m kind of anxious to see what a full house would look like

I took a bunch of goofy pics with my brother, and because he is kind of buff (he works out a lot) and he’s like 6ft’4inches he kind of makes me look tiny next to him. But that’s all good!

I really do not know why we choose to point fingers in this picture 🤷‍♀️

Much better, I guess….💁🏽‍♀️

I decided to take my brother’s shoe pics, mostly because people keep posting awesome sneak pics on social media, I said I was going to create my own, it didn’t really turn out as I’d hoped though!

But here’s one extra picture of me to compensate!

after spending a couple of hours there, we decided to hit the lakeside, by that time, it was already like 4:30 pm.

Destination 2: Johnny rockets and the lake!

As soon as I hard opportunity to leave the house, I wanted to grab a burger at my favorite restaurant, Johnny Rockets. Why? because the burger is life!

The restaurant had some chairs placed on the outside, I guess this is to prevent people from overcrowding the area. I took it upon myself to use my photography skills (however amateurish) to capture the people and the moment.

I also took photos of the people sitting outside, but without their consent though 😼, Art needs no permission!🙄🤓

I tried sneaking a pics of some waiter from a nearby restaurant.

I took some food pics too, I ate burger, some fries, along with fruit juice!

As if timed, as one set of people leave the vicinity, they are quickly replaced by another.

When the sun began to set, the most beautiful scenery was created, giving the lake a breathtaking golden hue! I decided to take some sunset lake picture, I badly wanted to swim in the lake, but the local authorities specifically highlighted with a post a “no swimming”, “no fishing” policy, plus I had no bikinis with me!

This picture isn’t even edited by the slightest bit, that’s how beautiful the sunset was!

I darkened this last picture a bit though so it would flow with the first one.

So this is pretty much how I spent the day yesterday! I hope you found it amusing!

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Author: Sonia Adeka

Very little can be done to 'change' the world, especially if 80% of the stakes required for any degree of change to occur depends on other people's willingness to do so. I am not interested in "changing" the world, I'm only interested in changing myself and my 'world'. For, in the end, that's where the true change occurs.

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