“Defund the police and put funds into black communities!” Jane Fonda

Black lives matter

When I first started this blog I made the decision that I wouldn’t get political because I didn’t want to isolate any of my readers, however, with the current frenzy less pandemic going on, social media has seen a good-sized amount of stupidity openly displayed in a bid to appear “pro-liberal” and “politically correct”.

I’ve not been one to keep up with social media trends, I find it quite exhausting really, however, I do try nevertheless, so I don’t appear like a bot to my blog’s readers and followers.

Regardless, nothing quite prepared me for the triggering I would receive on Twitter today, I practically went on a rampage because of that!

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We get that people are angry, and we know about the painful link between police brutality and racism against people of color in the united states, this is a reality we all wish only happens “in the movies” especially in the black community.

However, with the rising emotions everywhere it’s kind of easy for bad people or opportunists to use the mass’s vulnerability to acquire quick fame, recognition, and political support on things people would have written off as preposterous had it been suggested people were a little bit calmer.


At times like this, it takes divine grace to not get caught up in the viral effect!

Liberal Jane Fonda being dumb again

After the viral video of George Floyd, an African American man who was murdered by a group of police officers out on the streets, the words “I can’t breath” became a battle cry against police brutality and the reality of racism in the united states.

The whole story sparked up an unquenchable rage all over the US, creating unification of people in protest of the likes which have never been seen in the past few years. suddenly self-isolation and the possibility of contracting the coronavirus became trivial.

Hundreds of thousands of green dollars began pouring into funds which claimed to do justice to the ills affecting people of color, as celebrities like the Weeknd donating half a million dollars to the cause.

But then as other people were finding ways to be of support to the cause, what was the smartest thing Lil ol’ Jane Fonda could come up with??

Even though the police department does have its “bad cops”, what miss smarty pants could have suggested is for the restructuring of the police force and the eviction of police officers who have proven to be people who do not regard the lives of civilians that do not possess the same skin color or are not of the same ethnicity as them. It doesn’t matter if they or the victims are black, white, Hispanic, or whatever. Racism is racism!


Saying that the police needs to be defunded is putting the lives of honest police officers at risk, it is making room for vile opportunists to get away with crimes, it is putting the lives of the everyday man, woman, and child, the people who really need their everyday cop on stand by at risk!

But of cause how would she know that when she is safely tucked away in her California mansion in a gated community surrounded by her very own team of security agents?

Support black communities? Yes. Defund the police or create a police free community? Honey, you need some stitches to your lips!

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Author: Sonia Adeka

Very little can be done to 'change' the world, especially if 80% of the stakes required for any degree of change to occur depends on other people's willingness to do so. I am not interested in "changing" the world, I'm only interested in changing myself and my 'world'. For, in the end, that's where the true change occurs.

13 thoughts on ““Defund the police and put funds into black communities!” Jane Fonda”

  1. I’m so with you on this. Restructuring the police, retraining the police, finding new ways to hold back cops accountable, I’m so in agreement with those ideas. But I can’t believe some people are actually arguing to defund or even abolish the police. I live in a major city in a lower income area close to downtime. The idea of not having police available terrifies me. I’m surprised we don’t see a huge feminist pushback against this.

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    1. 😹😹there isn’t enough meaningless cliché to it that’s why. Most people are more interested in complaining than actually sitting down and coming up with a practical strategy for solving a real problem


  2. Police are supposed to be guardians and protectors of the people, but they have become criminals themselves. The system is broken and lots of people are not comfortable having their tax dollars go toward funding racists with guns who are murdering innocent people. When we say defund the police, we mean: fund a new system, new first-responders, a system that’s built on respect instead of violence, that’s as unbiased as we can be. Fund peace keepers, fund mental health workers, fund addictions resources. All new ideas seem strange at first but the point is that we need a radical change. It’s clear that the police have not been able or perhaps even willing to make this change from the inside yes over the past decade they’ve received EXTRA FUNDING to “fix” their racism problem. But defunding the police will never mean a lawless society, only one with more options for first response.

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    1. I don’t believe they don’t actually want a lawless society. The same people advocating for defunding (or in some cases they come right out and say ‘abolish’) the police are the ones telling us the riots and looting are no big deal.

      These guys are anarchists.

      I’m not just looking at what they are saying, but what they are doing. I believe they want anarchy. They caused anarchy, defended anarchy, called everybody who doesn’t agree with anarchy a racist.

      I’m not buying it for a second. They want and believe in complete lawlessness.

      But if it really was just a new system like you descirbed, I could maybe get on-board with that. Just don’t think that’s the intention.

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  3. Are you sure you unferstood what I said? Defence is esential but it’s not just the sword that is defending the defenceless. It’s the mindset. Mindset is created by educating the mind. The shear need for the defence and security is reduced once a mind is liberated from ignorance. To motivate an average Joe to really put his poor tormented by everyday greyness of survival mind into Fonda used seventies and the cry of that decade for freedom from opression. A bit shallow attempt, I agree, but nevertheless a worthy effort. It’s not about cutting funds for the security. It’s about reducing the need for

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  4. Are you sure you understood what was said? Put funds into poor comunities. All that’s wrong and is creating such situations where cops are needed to react using violence comes from the fact those are poor comunities rulled by drug-lords and idiots of all sorts.Jesus what a hell is wrong with people? Don’t take everything so literally. Some are just posers. I do agree but the statement from the title is quite valid. Less police force would be needed if the level of life in areas inhabited with black folk should rise closer to the levels of those decent (richer & white) areas.

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    1. Or how about, they leave the police funds as it is, then cut down incessant spending in other not so important areas of the country’s budget, then put it in poor communities. Mrs. Fonda should have suggested that instead, or she should have just went ahead and created funds to help support poor communities.
      Development takes time, so if you weaken the police force what then happens to those poor defenseless people during the time lag before a noticeable change can be seen? 🙅‍♀️

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