Change your feet, eliminate hip dips?!

Last night I was surfing Pinterest and I came over a pin about feet posture, I went on YouTube and did some research on how to correct a bad posture as I did have such issues, as it made whatever shoe I wore, especially low cuts, look awkward.


Plus my shoes pretty much wear out fast in general because of how the weight of my body is unevenly distributed throughout my feet.

Pronated feet ruining shoes
The arch under your feet greatly influences the overall turnout of your feet which causes misalignment. The lower it is the more pronated your feet will be.

This morning as I stood in front of the mirror practicing what I had learned wearing a simple bikers shorts and a gym bra so I could properly see my form and how it affects the total visuals of my legs, I looked up at my hips and I saw something quite startling.

Surprised black girl at the bathroom mirror GIF

As I adjusted my feet and took a proper stance though uncomfortable as I was already so used to the bad posture, my hip dips visually decreased by nothing less than a 60%! I was astonished, I knew from my findings yesterday of how the feet could affect the alignment of the hips but I had never foreseen it adjusting something like a hip dip which we women spend hours in the gym trying to correct by weight lifting!

Illustration of how a feet pronation affects the appearance of hip dips
A feet pronation pulls the hip bone down wrongly that it ends up creating an artificial “dip” which is visible from the outside.

Another mind-boggling realization is seeing women put heavy strains on their body using weights in an effort to rid themselves of hip dips when in general, their body must have just been misaligned, imagine the long term consequences of such exercise?!

The negative effects of weightlifting on  bad posture and pronated feet

Feet misalignment is also known as excess ankle pronation (or flat feet) it affects the majority of the population in the modern world, I guess this explains why we have higher rates of women with hip dips in our modern times. I’ve always known that there was something wrong with my feet alignment but up until yesterday, I never knew what it was.


An excess pronation can affect the ankle, knee, hips, and eventually, the back as excess weight is being added to the body.

Illustration on how the feet affects the entire body posture

With this, I have to say to some degree that every fitness enthusiast should create the time to learn about how the body functions and how it’s built or will, in turn, end up putting a band-aid on a cracked wall.

Illustration on howPronated feet causes pegeon toes
Excess Feet pronation can also give the appearance of a pigeon toes
Exercise illustration to strengthen and correct bad posture

There are a lot of body “imperfections” that are really just a result of bad posture, but the sad truth is that most people aren’t interested in finding out the underlying cause of the problem, they are more interested in the symptoms so they either prefer to waste thousands of dollars on a plastic surgeon or hit the gym naively with the hopes of “fixing” their bodies.


When it comes to bad feet, there are still other factors that influence the overall appearance of your legs and body in the long run. Some of them are footwear choices.

Infographics on how various shoes affects posture
Yeah, even flip flops could have an effect, not just heels.
Infographics on how heels affects posture and health

People who tend to be free of hip dips and have the perfect figure, often have a perfect feet balance with the wight of their body evenly distributed between their heels, big toes, and the smallest toes.

Marilyn Monroe with perfect legs and posture standing
You can notice that Marilyn Monroe’s feet, and ankles are perfectly aligned which very much influenced the appearance of her legs and hips.

However, the good news is that foot misalignment can be corrected even at home. if it wasn’t, I’d probably be sobbing right now.

Girl raining down tears on pig GIF

I’d have to dedicate another blog post to discuss what exercises you need to do to correct this problem and bring out the best version of your legs!

Cartoon girl elegantly dressed illustration

So till then, have mercy on your legs would ya?

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