Who shouldn’t be doing these leg workout if they want slender legs and rounder butt

Not everyone likes those overly muscular legs, some people can do all the jumping, squatting and heavy weight lifting they like but still end up with nicely toned legs, it’s as if they are trying to spite the rest of us! I hate those people.

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Although some trainers would say that women do not need to fear weights and another intense workout as they wouldn’t bulk up like men or bodybuilders

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Tell that to these women, it’s almost as if they had their faces photoshopped to their bodies

Well, spoiler alert ⚠️, yes you can and will bulk up if you do such intense workout to the extent where your thighs would be bigger than your butt and the whole thing will just look 👽, however, this depends on your body type.

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Mesomorphs like me, tend to bulk on muscles quite rapidly and it can get annoying especially when I’m trying to get slender looking legs. Most leg and thigh workouts prove more often than not to be counterproductive. Also, see 10 minutes routine to reduce postworkout bulking by 3 inches

Lately, I’ve been looking for a solution to this problem, I’ve made a couple of blog post in the past on how to reduce post-workout muscle swelling or bulking, as well as reducing leg bulking as a result of a sedentary lifestyle. However, when it comes to figuring out the cause of the bulking itself, well let’s just say, I accidentally stumble across an answer last night and I wanted to share what I’ve learned.

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The people most susceptible to bulking are the mesomorphs, for this reason, if you are trying to grow your butt or hips without a significant overshadowing from your thigh, then you need to stay away from workouts that places great emphasis or pressure on the thigh as you perform such exercise. The biggest culprits of this are the conventional squats, stationary lunges, burpees, wall-sit squats and running! 🏃


What works for one woman definitely never works the same for another, here are some conventional exercises which are counterproductive.

Infographics on how to perform a proper stationary lunge
While stationary lunges target glutes, both medium and Maximus, your calf and hamstrings are pretty much worked with high intensity

Note: if you have a mesomorph body type, the rate at which you put on muscles in your thighs and calf far supersedes the rate at which your glutes grow, if this happens you will fail to achieve the rounded look in which you were gunning for!

Girl with an hour glass body in the mirror

another exercise is the squat or plié squats

Infographics on how to perform a plié squat
While it may target your glutes and abs you, however, do not want that same pressure in your legs, at least not when your bum is far behind.
Illustration on which leg muscles are affected during a wall sit exercise
Wall sits are practically death to your legs if you do not want your legs overshadowing your butt or hips. I swear I have gone one-inch larger before by just going a 30-sec wall sit!

When marking out your workout regimen you go not want to ignore your thighs completely, however, for any work out you do at the beginning you want to focus on isolate workouts for either your butt or hips. Most isolates workout do work your thigh and calf but it is to a milder degree as most of the pressure is being placed on the primary area of focus which may either be the butt or hips, or both.

Illustration of the various muscles in both men and female body

If your thighs outgrow your butt when you perform isolate work out then it could be for two reasons

  1. your form is wrong; you are performing the workout wrongly.
  2. the workout is not truly an isolated workout, or your diet is high in carbs and crap, and is, therefore, making you bulk in your thighs. see The science of getting slimmer legs and a thigh gap
Cartoon illustration of a girl with lean legs

So you see if you are getting different results from what you had hoped for, then you are most likely doing it wrong. Every action leads to a reaction if you want a different reaction, try a different action.

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I’ll be sharing with you my tips on what sort of exercise mesomorphs should be doing in order to get proper curves in a sequel post to come! Stay amazing.

Author: Sonia Adeka

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